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Not With My Dog You Don’t…

Scaramucci could wear a new “hat” instead of being a silly horny little girl, he can be anything from small terrier to a big ole dog Doberman now. FINALLY, a real sex crime raid. Something that actually happened without even a whimper or whine from undercover Sheriff’s deputies. Good boys.  Incredibly this Lorena teenager … Continue reading

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OKAY YOU HYPOCRITES As per usual in this day and time those who have “god” want to use that against those they perceive don’t have “god.” The root of the problem in the entire city. We have “God” and you don’t. Suddenly, I am getting letters from obvious Woodway women about poor angelic Sherre Whitney. … Continue reading

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  ”WE THE PEOPLE”,  employ the Waco Police department, we employ the Sheriff’s department, District Attorney, City of Waco, DPS, ABC, FBI, on and on. People who go into these positions of power, especially those elected become PUBLIC SERVANTS. ”TO PROTECT AND SERVE” IS A POLICEMAN’S MOTTO. No one is serving anyone by not cooperating … Continue reading

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                 A victory for the common man  and woman of Waco Look at that red faced mean little man.  He has three petitions against him now with over 200,000 people on his Jacob Anderson Baylor rapist Frat boy deal, where he showed the nation what we’re made of … Continue reading

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  Who gets justice and who doesn’t   Nikki Pittman sold some fake stuff out of                                                                                … Continue reading

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  Harry doesn’t ask for much,  usually just forgiveness for being wrong,  dead wrong, or trailing off on medication.  This time,  Harry’s asking,  sign this petition and let’s just f*ck with these assh*les.  Especially those of you with drug or drinking problems,  an ankle monitor, or warrants.  You can’t go anywhere anyway,  please sign the … Continue reading

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What’s it going to be, Sheriff?   Continue reading

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               One Year Anniversary of the Rub and Tug Bust on Washington   For some unfortunate Wacoans,  I’ll bet it just seems like yesterday they appeared on the front page of the Trib after being identified and arrested at the Massage Parlor on  Washington avenue that had “happy endings.” … Continue reading

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                         “Waco”,  come on vacation, leave on probation”   Jake Carrizal,  his mom and brother coming out of the courtroom after mistrial.   If you read the Trib this morning and are starting to get just a pang of “silky feelings” towards Judge … Continue reading

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  Now that Paul Looney,  biker lawyer,  thanks to the 10th. Court of Appeals overturning Fish Faced Sleeping Judge Doug Shaver,  doesn’t have a GAG ORDER stopping him from just spewing the truth,  here’s our first little behind the scenes “chickensh*t deal” that went on during TWIN PEAKS. Funny how no cops and seemingly no … Continue reading