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I think his idea of Johnny Ash and mine are two different ideas.   Maybe Sheriff thinks I’m asking for it? Wonder about all those other people…hmmm. See, they didn’t see Abel’s loss coming, it messed them up for a while, until they moved right on over to Parnell, now Abel’s donors match, they just … Continue reading

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                        YOU DECIDE Click for some music to read by…….       Here is the Trib’s listing of all government filings, openings for bright, honest, women and men to fight corruption, and be brave enough to run for public office. Here is a … Continue reading

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Sherre Johnston has admitted she was “in love” with Mike McNamara and he her for almost forty years. Of course, that love also seeped over into brother Parnell too and a few others. The Mc’s got around and many women loved them only to heartbroken. It is very clear in retrospect that Sherre indeed didn’t … Continue reading

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            Welcome to Retribution Parnell’s posse riding herd on the lawless Chapter 1 See Jane, the video March 26, 2018 See Jane.  See Jane waiting to talk to the Sheriff’s deputies whom she thinks she can make a complaint.  HA!  See Jane listen to them “there there old lady” the … Continue reading

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  https://www.statesman.com/NEWS/20170331/Travis-County-eyes-restored-Public-Integrity-Unit After running to the FBI, Waco PD, Sheriff’s department, Attorney General, on and on, House Bill 1690 was NOT, repeat, NOT gotten rid of by Governor Goodhair when he was all hacked off at Rosemary Lehmberg and the Public Integrity Division of the Travis County District Attorneys Office.  Nope. House Bill 1690 is … Continue reading