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OKAY YOU HYPOCRITES As per usual in this day and time those who have “god” want to use that against those they perceive don’t have “god.” The root of the problem in the entire city. We have “God” and you don’t. Suddenly, I am getting letters from obvious Woodway women about poor angelic Sherre Whitney. … Continue reading

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Well, the women of Woodway Baptist are back thinking it’s safe to let Sherre Baby alone with their holy husbands again. Seems she’s “transitioning” and even uses her mugshots as a show and tell. Great. Earn those wings little angel, tell us what you did. Did you NOT render aid to a dying man, Mike … Continue reading

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This is Waco Attorney,  Jim Dunnam,  expressing exactly how I feel reading this. Plaintiff’s attorney: Anderson sought settlement to drop sex assault charge By TOMMY WITHERSPOON Buy Now Jacob Anderson walks out of 19th State District Court last month after he was placed on deferred probation. Staff photo — Jerry Larson, file … Continue reading

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JUDGE VICKI MENARD       How many of us ever got this “glad to see ya” smile from Judges Johnson or Judge Strother?  Harry surely doesn’t.  Hasn’t for about forty years either.  The only genuine smile in this photo is that of Judge Vicki Menard. The reason Harry Storm has over 300,000 … Continue reading