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THE DAN PATRICK COMMENT LINE  512 463-5342 Let DAN PATRICK know he can just go ahead and die first, he’s willing, and he’s willing to dump you right on in there with him. Here’s the phone number of his comment line where you can leave him a message telling him, “YOU FIRST” ole boy. Call … Continue reading

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Sherre Johnston has admitted she was “in love” with Mike McNamara and he her for almost forty years. Of course, that love also seeped over into brother Parnell too and a few others. The Mc’s got around and many women loved them only to heartbroken. It is very clear in retrospect that Sherre indeed didn’t … Continue reading

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#1. PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WHITE BOY                                                                     Beating out “Rock and Roll Nword” by Patti Smith at # 2 5. “Guilty (of … Continue reading

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“PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WHITE BOY ” sung by a white Sheriff, to a group of white wealthy folks at a cancer benefit, welcome to Waco, where it’s 1856. Would one of his children or so called friends please tell this man and the others, that THIS IS RACIST and uncomfortable for those of us … Continue reading

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  Notice it doesn’t say Antioch church anywhere, unless you track back UNBOUND They can’t make a case against anyone stick but they want to talk to you and your kids. Why not ask them how THEY can get Sheriff to do just about anything and plain folk just can’t. Guess it’s that big voter … Continue reading

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“The sheriff’s office did nothing wrong in this investigation,” said Nelson Barnes of the District Attorney’s office. Another day taking up for Parnell McNamara, the biggest Warrior against the Chinese since Kublai Khan. What did we all know? The report about the roaches, the rats, and the recycling of the precious peel and eat shrimp was … Continue reading

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            Welcome to Retribution Parnell’s posse riding herd on the lawless Chapter 1 See Jane, the video March 26, 2018 See Jane.  See Jane waiting to talk to the Sheriff’s deputies whom she thinks she can make a complaint.  HA!  See Jane listen to them “there there old lady” the … Continue reading