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Dear Harry, Where do babies really come from? ……….. Bernard in Mexia Dear Bernard in Mexia, although I have a son, I cannot answer your question.  Please ask Alan Derschowitz. Alan Derschowitz, “I kept my underwear on.”   Harry’s family’d put him in Granger SPJST Nursing home for a lot less. H Continue reading

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When you can’t get reporters in your own town to do anything but puff pieces on crooks posing as saints, what do you do?  What do you do when the former owner of the newspaper is having a party and the murderer of your girlfriend is a co chair.  What do you do when your … Continue reading

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He lies his people protect him.   May 7, 2017  Somewhere in here Sherre goes out to Parnell McNamara’s trophy shed and steals a few things.  Now, if it hadn’t been for the fact that the people who saw Sherre, were Joe Johnson and his wife, nothing would have happened.  Anyway, because it was the … Continue reading

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I just don’t think I understand anything anymore   TV was new.  We’d wake up and watch the test pattern from KCEN for an hour before the fighter jets came on and played the National Anthem.  We were all about fourteen and President Kennedy’s birthday was one big deal.  Since we were total Catholics, we … Continue reading

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  Dear Sheriff, THIS is why I am so mad.   Investigators unravel mystery of 1982 murder of Central Texas teen KWTX–Jan 31, 2018 … McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara announced his cold case … One of the cold case squad members, also an Axtell native, actually … Investigators pin teen’s 1982 slaying on suspect in initial investigation Waco Tribune-Herald–Jan 31, 2018 A family … Continue reading

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             No one has any gawddamned sense anymore,  it’s a National Crisis      YOU KNEW THIS WASN’T GOING TO END WELL FROM THE GET GO     J. Howard Marshall and Anna Nicole Smith  Houston: When J. Howard Marshall’s children finally opened their eyes and realized that Juan, J. … Continue reading