He lies his people protect him.



May 7, 2017 

Somewhere in here Sherre goes out to Parnell McNamara’s trophy shed and steals a few things.  Now, if it hadn’t been for the fact that the people who saw Sherre, were Joe Johnson and his wife, nothing would have happened.  Anyway, because it was the Johnsons and for sure Parnell doesn’t want Charlotte mad, he was forced to do something.  So they did.  They got a Search Warrant and searched the Johnston’s house.

May 7, 2017 Date of this incident




A few weeks ago, Harry Storm decided to ask a few questions, like many of you, he had a few.  Unfortunately, out of seventy two questions only a few got directly answered.  Guess Sheriff thought that was cute, however, when you are covering up just so much cat sh*t you can’t keep up with it, you get caught in your lies.

Not only a lie but pushing off the BLAME to Barry Johnson on purpose, knowing full well he Sheriff gave the Sherre Johnston case #176-2234 to Abel in 2017, on May 11th., 2017, only days after the incident.

So, when asked about the dispositions of this case, this is the ridiculous lie received by a person who is nothing but an aging show pony with too many “connections”.  Here is a little from his most glaring escapade with the help of his Merry Men.  The Deputies who don’t have the nads to stop assisting him for fear of their jobs.

Here is question #17:  Any and all dispositions of this case.

Parnell’s office answers: See report or contact District Attorney’s Office.  Understanding that it is still pending.


June 4, 2019

see report da's office

still pending better


Sheriff McNamara gave the case to his friend Abel Reyna, who was also Sherre Johnston’s friend, after all they were ALL at the hospital when Mike Mc died, together, everyone saw them.  They were part of the Bodysnatchers caper.

September 2, 2015, Sheriff McNamara is at a Republican Women’s Club meeting and gets the call that Mike Mc his brother is ill.  Sherre Johnston calls Parnell McNamara first. How do we know?  Read what she wrote.


So, Mike Mc waits until his brother gets there after his girlfriend calls the brother and not the ambulance.  Could Mike have been saved?

THEN to make matters worse, it’s obvious that our Sheriff, Parnell McNamara, enlists one Cody Blossman to help him in this epic, and gets the same Sherre Johnston to make the 911 call from between the WalMart and Steakhouse.

Okay, Sheriff messed up, used some guys to help him out and they were on duty, lots of little things he shouldn’t have done.

Sherre Johnston, gets a few DWI’s, unlawfully carrying a weapon and a few other wild things happen because she and ole Mike Mc were “in love.”


Now many wonder where the rub and tug cases are.  Parnell says, “ask the DA”.  You want to ask, which one, but you don’t, Parnell can’t take confrontation.  Parnell also is a good friend to HIS friends, his friends, however, may not be your friends.  Case in point, Sherre Johnston and good old Felipe Reyna.

Felipe and Sherre

So now it’s May 11, 2017 AND as you can see by the two different notes, the case was emailed to the “Requestor”, that means someone wanted it, then it says “Emailed to DA.”



THIS DA.  This buddy DA.  Not Barry Johnson our new DA.  THIS DA, Abel Reyna.



DA'sOffice has it 1         


emailed to requestor


This is what THEY did, the good old boys. Your Sheriff thinks this b.s. is cute.

It’s not.


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