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Well, the women of Woodway Baptist are back thinking it’s safe to let Sherre Baby alone with their holy husbands again. Seems she’s “transitioning” and even uses her mugshots as a show and tell. Great. Earn those wings little angel, tell us what you did. Did you NOT render aid to a dying man, Mike … Continue reading

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Yes,  let’s all be relieved it’s over.  Finally.  Only took minutes for the mayhem and now, almost four years for an end to ridiculous charges and no explanations from elected officials and law enforcement. What happened at TWIN PEAKS?  Why did it happen?  You got  me.  Why did they let that one guy just bleed … Continue reading

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                         “Sheriff McNamara declined to comment” 3/20/19 Sheriff’s new campaign slogan for 2019 “Riding herd on the lawless” Harry says,  “riding herd on the lawless by the nutless.”                     Hiding your eyes doesn’t make you … Continue reading

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17 DAYS IN JAIL MADE A WOMAN STRONGER For the bitches out there who can’t even seem to make weekends in jail,  let me present to you Sandra Lynch.  Innocent woman who spent 17 days in jail thanks to the ego of one man,  Disabeled Reyna.  This woman knows how to party too,  Harry stuck … Continue reading