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  Never, ever in his life did Kenneth McDuff    DREAM  what would happen to the two famous brother Marshalls that bravely went to get his dangerous a** in Kansas City, when told about Parnell moving Mike Mc’s body then letting a hot little woman off numerous charges, McDuff who just about never smiles had … Continue reading

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  Harry doesn’t ask for much,  usually just forgiveness for being wrong,  dead wrong, or trailing off on medication.  This time,  Harry’s asking,  sign this petition and let’s just f*ck with these assh*les.  Especially those of you with drug or drinking problems,  an ankle monitor, or warrants.  You can’t go anywhere anyway,  please sign the … Continue reading

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 IN THE NEWS TODAY A large penis made out of red “sippy cups” has appeared overnight on a bridge over Valley Mills Drive in Waco. Local residents are wondering if it is a cosmic message or just one from Mars,  which is the only place whose newspaper hasn’t written about the Baylor Frat Boy and … Continue reading

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                Obviously,  he thought they were married        http://www.wacotrib.com/news/police/affidavit-mcgregor-man-accused-of-raping-sleeping-woman/article_3dc66b5a-46be-5b99-b2cb-ecfda8bbc84d.html MCGREGOR,  TEXAS A 60-year-old man was arrested Wednesday, accused of raping a sleeping woman March 3 in his McGregor home, an arrest affidavit states. Victor Aviles was arrested after the woman went to a local business in … Continue reading

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Jocelyn Elders, who put masturbation in its place in 2004 and promptly got her ass fired,  is now available to speak at seminars and meetings.  It seems our menfolk have just gotten too lazy.  Perhaps the Rotary Club, CLEAT, or the Junior League could bring Jocelyn here and teach our obviously lazy men a thing … Continue reading