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THE DAN PATRICK COMMENT LINE  512 463-5342 Let DAN PATRICK know he can just go ahead and die first, he’s willing, and he’s willing to dump you right on in there with him. Here’s the phone number of his comment line where you can leave him a message telling him, “YOU FIRST” ole boy. Call … Continue reading

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You see them, there’s an occasional movie, occasionally they clean up a County, Hill County got a total makeover. Yep, the Rangers are frightening mofos unless you write or call them about some shady things, Sheriff pawning guns, and that pesky Johnny Ash #1 suspect in Lily Hefele murder being Sheriff’s big bad Co Chair … Continue reading

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                        YOU DECIDE Click for some music to read by…….       Here is the Trib’s listing of all government filings, openings for bright, honest, women and men to fight corruption, and be brave enough to run for public office. Here is a … Continue reading

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  Never, ever in his life did Kenneth McDuff    DREAM  what would happen to the two famous brother Marshalls that bravely went to get his dangerous a** in Kansas City, when told about Parnell moving Mike Mc’s body then letting a hot little woman off numerous charges, McDuff who just about never smiles had … Continue reading

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             SHERIFF TESTIFIED FOR LITTLE TOMMY IN A DAVIDIAN LAWSUIT Hey, gin nose, why not ask Sheriff if he moved his brother’s body? Tommy Witherspoon, another aging pissed off self pitying ass who chose the wrong major in college. WHY doesn’t he ask the Sheriff point blank if he moved … Continue reading

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McNamara is a fake, a phony, a frightened old man who made a snap decision that he didn’t consider very well. He has a history of sexual blackmail and has been “had” by Sherre Johnston who got off 6 DWI’s managed to have a phone in jail, and has thumbed her nose at the Sheriff … Continue reading

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                       THEY THINK WE ARE ALL FOOLS  Harry would like to thank the Texas Ranger who obviously sent this anonymously to me. How do I know it was a Texas Ranger? Because I’ve kept my mouth shut about trying to file a Complaint with the … Continue reading

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                                      ENTER THE DRAGON: JOHN BOLTON Tired of listening? Turn off the sound and just ponder a few faces. Faces that have been around forever, FOREVER, you’ve seen these same people in black and white while … Continue reading

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  Notice it doesn’t say Antioch church anywhere, unless you track back UNBOUND They can’t make a case against anyone stick but they want to talk to you and your kids. Why not ask them how THEY can get Sheriff to do just about anything and plain folk just can’t. Guess it’s that big voter … Continue reading