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ERICA WITH WOODWAY BAPTIST SAYS IT WAS SACCHARIN     Central Texas businesswoman indicted – KWTX.com https://www.kwtx.com › news › Local-businesswoman-indicted-510643011   May 30, 2019 – WACO, Texas (KWTX) Sherre Lynn Johnston, 52, of Lorena, has … commonly known as Xanax, into the McLennan County Jail on July 20, … You visited this page on 10/22/19.   Here’s a comment today from … Continue reading

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OKAY YOU HYPOCRITES As per usual in this day and time those who have “god” want to use that against those they perceive don’t have “god.” The root of the problem in the entire city. We have “God” and you don’t. Suddenly, I am getting letters from obvious Woodway women about poor angelic Sherre Whitney. … Continue reading

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McNamara is a fake, a phony, a frightened old man who made a snap decision that he didn’t consider very well. He has a history of sexual blackmail and has been “had” by Sherre Johnston who got off 6 DWI’s managed to have a phone in jail, and has thumbed her nose at the Sheriff … Continue reading

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https://www.gao.gov/assets/700/693133.pdf  This is the law governing Federal Employee misconduct, i.e. this case where the FBI and their inactivity has made justice impossible here because agencies just point and one another and the crookery goes on. State law requires that when a citizen wants to file a complaint against the duly elected Sheriff of the county … Continue reading

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CHAPTER 4:  SEE JANE NOT RUN Bigger bond than the Baylor Frat Boy Rapist and most of the Rubbie Tuggies. EVEN ABEL REYNA couldn’t save this case. All the way to a GRAND JURY, omg THIS is Parnell riding herd on the lawless. This is what they did to one person. See Jane not run. … Continue reading

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  Chapter 2:  See Jane get upset and not curse, threaten or say anything really mean at all. See Sheriff’s department lazy employees, don’t even get up, not nice, don’t care, but somehow in here get bu** hurt enough to decide to go after Jane.  Yep.  For this.     See, Rebecca Eubank, wife of … Continue reading

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                Harry Storm is disappointed,  expected much more from Jon Ker Harry doesn’t remember what year it was when Jon Ker was on the other side of some election or some issue, all passionate and hopping mad, all lawyerly, chewing people out, and making great enough arguments to … Continue reading