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During several drop-in visits at First Assembly of God, I didn’t see McNamara or any deputies wearing uniforms or carrying firearms openly. Yet around 7 p.m., Feb. 19, several witnesses (including some not with the Johnson campaign) said a female Tetens supporter well known in law enforcement and Republican circles — and arguably inebriated or high — harassed and threatened two female Barry Johnson supporters to the point they fled to their vehicle, even as county law enforcement officials in campaign mode stood nearby and did nothing. At one point, a male supporter of former Texas Ranger Matt Cawthon — again, Cawthon is running against the sheriff’s constable candidate, Charlie Guerrero — interceded sufficiently to allow the pro-Johnson women to escape to their vehicle

People were standing around filming this with their cell phones, very obvious that Parnell goaded his girlfriend Sherre Johnston to go over and just MESS with everybody with his blessing as he and Charlotte, his wife, watch her go make a fool of herself.

Sherre picks up a TETENS sign and goes over to stand right by Barry Johnson who has no cue who on earth little Sherre is. She begins to mouth at him and when he finds out who she is, a woman with SIX DWI’s, two pending in his office, he informs her he can’t talk to her and steps back, amazed.

Parnell was right there, he saw it, hell, he instigated it. HE revelled in it.

An old man, 75 years old, disrespects his own wife, never mind Johnston’s husband, and orchestrates a scene at a Church to boost his own ego AND has pathetic Johnston thinking that somehow, he will convince Josh Tetens to let her go again on DWI charges. Since Sherre has photos of herself with Tetens and Tetens is yet to say he is for “fairness for ALL”, perhaps Parnell can indeed keep this drunk woman behind the wheel a few more years.

The whole thing is playing out in public and Parnell the Puppeteer is having the time of his life.

Pitting women against one another in front of one another that Parnell has MORE than a history with is degrading to his wife, he doesn’t care. Sherre Johnston has a “pass” because she and Cody Blossman helped move Mike McNamara’s body after he died with Johnston in a motel room at the American Inn in 2015. Parnell can be heard coughing in the 911 tape where Johnston calls in Mike Mc’s “stroke”. She did not call 911 first and Parnell cared enough about Mike’s reputation to actually move his body to a grassy knoll between Walmart and Longhorn Steakhouse. The entire town knows it.

You can hear the 911 call by clicking the blue link below.

SHERRE JOHNSTON THE 911 CALL | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

SHERRE JOHNSTON EMAIL: ” I didn’t call 911 immediately”….. | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

THIS is Charlotte Miller McNamara

In 2017 I spoke with Charlotte McNamara who wanted to tell me the “truth” about that day in person at the Sheriff’s department with a few folks for lunch.

Charlotte McNamara

I declined after asking Charlotte whether or not she had listened to the 911 tape.

She hadn’t.

I told her that if she hadn’t listened to that tape we had nothing to talk about.

NOW, they both are using Johnston to just fuck with people while they sit and laugh. Unfortunately, Sherre Johnston has no clue, too busy photo shopping her teeth in photos with the candidates she endorses.

Nevermind that she has gotten SIX DWI’s. Plus all the shenanigans that went along with burglaring the Sheriff’s property after leaving love letters on Mike McNamara’s grave on the McNamara property in full view of wife, Charlotte.

That the Trib doesn’t put Sherre Johnston’s name in there is beyond belief, guess someone has sympathy for poor John now that Johnston’s late “Handler”, Truman Simons is dead.

WHY no one asks HOW ON EARTH SHE STILL HAS A DRIVERS LICENSE is a good question.

The Sheriff is an old man playing Recapture the Past, with his “Parnell’s Posse” of aging “Lays” from years back and toys and it seems the menfolk of the Waco Trib just made the decision to protect somebody we’re not sure who.

Get real.

Sherre was also trying to get someone…………..anyone to “attack” HER while Par watched and grinned. There were witnesses and anywhere else but here they could come forward with their films BUT since it’s the Sheriff, well, little Sherre just got into her Lexus and drove drunk down the street before Waco PD could make it over.

Trib knew who she was, is, should have printed her drunkass name. WTF?

They sure as hell would have printed mine, or yours, well, unless you’re one of the Sheriff’s aging “Posse”


Sherre Johnston, red hot mama, drunk driver, Mike McNamara’s 20 year girlfriend, Parnell’s 20 year girlfriend, still is, homewrecker, religious nut, and protected by Par and now Char too.

How does this work?



  1. Unbelievable!! Sherre needs to be in jail! Anything for another get out of jail free card, that she had with Able Reyna. Ol Char McM needs a refund on all that “work” she had done. She is looking really rough.
    ***REELECT Barry Johnson***

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