This article came out February 24th. 2022, if you click on the blue link below it will take you to the TIMES and also to a really cool link where you can listen to the audio.

Does it make Waco or Abel Reyna look very good? What do you think?

The Waco Biker Shootout Left Nine Dead. Why Was No One Convicted? – The New York Times (

Be sure and read the over one hundred and forty comments, this one is from Waco

Crawford Long commented February 24

Crawford Long

Waco, TXFeb. 24

Reyna ran a bogus tough on crime campaign against John Segrest a competent DA. The Waco Police used common sense and realized most of the people there were witnesses. Reyna demanded everyone be arrested. As a former prosecutor I can say without question it is almost inspired incompetence to demand over 150 people be arrested and convict no one. We are fortunate that there were people like Judge Strother who held the line and set hearings forcing Reyna to dismiss cases since he didn’t want to answer questions. About the only good that came out of this is that Reyna’s office was shown to the public for what it was.

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