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Well, the women of Woodway Baptist are back thinking it’s safe to let Sherre Baby alone with their holy husbands again. Seems she’s “transitioning” and even uses her mugshots as a show and tell. Great. Earn those wings little angel, tell us what you did. Did you NOT render aid to a dying man, Mike … Continue reading

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Yep, Sheriff and Abelino thought the party would last forever.  It didn’t. Harry didn’t do this one, however, Harry was on the mailing list along with lots of other people in the Waco area.  An anonymous letter has been sent to “Concerned Citizens” about the rampant spending and downright crooked dealings of our Sheriff and … Continue reading

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 APPEALS COURT PUBLISHES OPINION ON CHANEY,  DAVID SPENCE NOT FAR BEHIND,  THANK YOU BITE MARKS,  JUNK SCIENCE,  CROOKS,  AND INNOCENT MEN   December 26th., 2018   Steven Mark Chaney Opinion                Published December 26th., 2018            The OPINION IS 68 PAGES LONG HERE IS AN EXCERPT … Continue reading

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       Whooooooa Baby,  take a look at this Paul Looney Interview Harry loves this guy and like many has been waiting to hear Paul Looney,  Houston,  Attorney,  get his chance to speak out about Abel Reyna and Twin Peaks.  HERE IT IS. No convictions in deadly Waco shootout case   This guy,  … Continue reading

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   What’s different today than a year ago?  Nothing.     Congratulations to Cody Ledbetter,  our illustrious DA has dismissed the charges against him.  Can we expect more?  You bet. Harry Continue reading