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           WARNING: YOU MAY NOT BE UNABLE TO UNSEE THE FOLLOWING PHOTO FOR MAXIMUM ENJOYMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE YOUTUBE ARROW BELOW.     Who ever would think that that sweet, nice widower, John Carroll all religious could be … lonely. Well, he is, it seems Channel 10 just might be … Continue reading

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Honest people want to tell their side of the story, even the WHISTLEBLOWER is ready to answer questions from Republicans. Lawyer says whistleblower willing to answer written questions from Republicans Sure enough Whistleblower ready to talk  SO, DEAR ELECTED OFFICIAL SHERIFF OF MCLENNAN COUNTY WHY DON’T YOU ANSWER A QUESTION YOU LITTLE PUBLIC SERVANT YOU……………………………… … Continue reading

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                                 TWICE IN ONE DAY WHO THE HELL KNEW   Feds blow door off safe, issue subpoenas as probe into Giuliani associates escalates (CNN)Federal prosecutors in New York have subpoenaed the brother of one of the recently indicted associates … Continue reading