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“Still mad?  Me too! It’s the last day of November and Harry Storm has 228,000 viewers now so since he’s feeling safe in his numbers,  hell, he  can’t go anywhere without being afraid of other geriatric Wacoans,  “protected species”,  “from here”,  “legacy”,  third generation and a pistol packing mama.  Harry presents,  “Fu*k Your Christmas”,   a … Continue reading



  NELSON BARNES FIRST ASSISTANT Ohmygawd,  he’s not from here!  How on earth will Nelson Barnes know who is and isn’t a favorite person contributor or one of the perpetual “in” crowd of lawyers?  That damned outsider,  Barry Johnson,  who had the nerve to move to Dallas and then come back and run against … Continue reading

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 DA’s wacky “deal” and Judge Strother hit Anderson Cooper  Fans of Anderson Cooper 360 are hitting the Baylor Frat Boy petition by the droves sending the numbers to 85,000 by noon today. Hey,  Abel,  YOU thought this was a good idea?  Wow.  Oh,  that’s right,  you thought indicting the bikers at TWIN PEAKS was … Continue reading

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“OH, HELL NO” COULD JUDGE RALPH STROTHER BE THINKING OF DUMPING THIS IN BARRY JOHNSON’S LAP TOO?     Nov 28 at 9:09 AM       Let’s make this petition 100K by December 10th.  sign and forward! This Baylor Frat Boy Raped a Girl. Instead of Going to Jail, He’s Going to Counseling. by: Mary … Continue reading

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THE REAL TRUTH Damon Reed has posted this on his FACEBOOK PAGE   Not Barry’s fault.  Here’s why.  Last March 27th.  a list of people from AT&T was given to the Sheriff’s department.  A list of “crank” calls that went to over twelve people on the 25th. of March.  Now,  AT&T is precluded from giving … Continue reading



  Hey,  Dumbass,  we see you. Judge Ralph Strother Waiting for December to see basically how many people think only an ass would even consider signing this piece of dogsh*t,  and what kind of cronyism would spark a DA to even suggest it?   December 10th. is when Judge Ralph Strother decides if he … Continue reading