Hey,  Dumbass,  we see you.

dobbie in dark

Judge Ralph Strother

Waiting for December to see basically how many people think only an ass would even consider signing this piece of dogsh*t,  and what kind of cronyism would spark a DA to even suggest it?




December 10th. is when Judge Ralph Strother decides if he has the nads to go ahead and sign off on the “recommendation” from the DA’s office and one Hilary All LaBorde assistant DA charged with keeping a straight face tap dancing a sweetheart deal to a rapist that has made the entire WORLD look at Waco as corrupt yet again.

Today the petition has 75,730 signatures as of this writing and they are headed towards as many as they can until the Hearing.  The petition ultimately will  be given to Judge Strother,  one hell of a way to go out on retirement.

You know,  this didn’t have to happen.  What the hell were you thinking of?




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