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Texas Lt. Governor: Old People Should Volunteer to Die to … › 2020/03 › dan-patrick-coronavirus-grandparents Mar 24, 2020 – According to Dan Patrick “lots of grandparents” are willing to sacrifice … Texas Lt. Governor: Old People Should Volunteer to Die to Save the Economy … see through this, but I don’t want the whole country to be sacrificed…   From deep in the trailer … Continue reading

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THE DAN PATRICK COMMENT LINE  512 463-5342 Let DAN PATRICK know he can just go ahead and die first, he’s willing, and he’s willing to dump you right on in there with him. Here’s the phone number of his comment line where you can leave him a message telling him, “YOU FIRST” ole boy. Call … Continue reading

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Well, well, looks like someone is brave enough to answer Harry’s questions and it isn’t the Sheriff, we’d like to thank whomever for the anonymous good stuff that, yes, we do investigate before printing not that we care very much anymore. Fresh from KSLA, which must stand for K-SALSA we got us one hot blonde … Continue reading

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                        YOU DECIDE Click for some music to read by…….       Here is the Trib’s listing of all government filings, openings for bright, honest, women and men to fight corruption, and be brave enough to run for public office. Here is a … Continue reading

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CHAPTER 4:  SEE JANE NOT RUN Bigger bond than the Baylor Frat Boy Rapist and most of the Rubbie Tuggies. EVEN ABEL REYNA couldn’t save this case. All the way to a GRAND JURY, omg THIS is Parnell riding herd on the lawless. This is what they did to one person. See Jane not run. … Continue reading

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                Harry Storm is disappointed,  expected much more from Jon Ker Harry doesn’t remember what year it was when Jon Ker was on the other side of some election or some issue, all passionate and hopping mad, all lawyerly, chewing people out, and making great enough arguments to … Continue reading

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GROW A PAIR   Ever wait behind that really BIG, FAT, deputy at Krispy Fried Chicken on Franklin while he gathers his “to go” order for the Sheriff’s department?  If the guy who sent the chocolate d#ck to the bu*t hurt deputy sent chicken, they’dve just eaten the evidence. So, dismiss 300 cases against dirty old men … Continue reading

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  After reading three pages of charges, book ins and book outs, ending with a Xanax in a Correctional Facility and you’re the JP, what would you do if you were Pete Petersen? Oh, Sheriff McNamara’s good buddy Pete Petersen.  The same Pete Petersen who signed off on Mike Mc’s death saying it happened in … Continue reading

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Felipe Reyna and Sherre Whitney Johnston celebrating Abel’s victory prematurely.   Retired Texas Appellate Court Justice Felipe Reyna and Sherre Johnston in good times, before Abel lost the election.  This photo is from FACEBOOK where Sherre proudly posted it and others to tell the world her status while the Sheriff just looked the other way,  … Continue reading

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Click Arrow   WACOPEDIA:  What is the definition of buzz kill? At first we could find no words but this picture of Marcus Nelson, Waco School Superintendent who got popped for grass recently did come to mind.    Marcus Nelson Then this photo of  retired and sometimes “visitng” Judge Mike Gassaway, ,  popped up from … Continue reading