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WACOPEDIA:  What is the definition of buzz kill?

At first we could find no words but this picture of Marcus Nelson, Waco School Superintendent who got popped for grass recently did come to mind.   

Marcus NelsonImage result for marcus nelson waco isd

Image result for mike gassaway judge waco

Then this photo of  retired and sometimes “visitng” Judge Mike Gassaway, ,  popped up from out of nowhere,  you can tell he knows what a BUZZ KILL is for sure,  we can only hope Marcus gets lucky like Willie.

  Buzz kill is like pornography, you know it when you see it.

Pot charge against Nelson dropped – UPI Archives – UPI.com

Mar 23, 1995 – Judge Michael Gassaway ruled Wednesday there was insufficient evidence to … ‘Willie’sfree,’ proclaimed Joe Turner, Nelson’s lead attorney.