#FBI / MCLENNAN COUNTY / TFNB-Your Bank for Life

TFNB YOUR BANK FOR LIFE, $17.5 Million Dollars of Tax Payer Funds…UNINSURED BY FDIC, Greed and/or RISK!

Would you let your grandma put $17.5 million dollars in Bank that is being looked at by the FBI and the majority of her funds are un-insured by the FDIC? Does a 0.75-0.90% return on your $17.5 million dollars, twice what Alliance Bank is paying, lure you into taking risks? Should it? BANK EOM BOOK … Continue reading

Charlotte McNamara / COMMUNITY BANK & TRUST / DAVID LACY / Sheriff Parnell McNamara


After 8 long years of FAITHFULLLY paying down their Loan, perhaps it is time for DAVID LACY @ COMMUNITY BANK & TRUST to take a look at Parnell’s Loan vs the Faithful Christians and ask himself WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?? We think Jesus would give these faithful Christians a 2% loan just like BROTHER PAR … Continue reading

Charlotte McNamara / MONEY / Sheriff Parnell McNamara / VIAGRA / YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE

VIAGRA, CANDLE STICKS & WOMEN’S BUTTS – An unsolicited Comment from a reader!

TER says:October 27, 2021 at 9:30 am Edit Congrats! You just needed the right, corrupt topic . There is so much to write about old Parnell. Did you know why his 57 year old wife and mother of his daughters drank herself to death over him? It was a horrible death. He moved right on to jealous, … Continue reading

Chelsea Tijerina and Seth Sutton / CLINT BRODEN / MCLENNAN COUNTY / seth sutton / WACO POLICE


Clint Broden, Lawyer of the Year, Criminal Law Specialist, fun to watch, smartest guy in the room during TWIN PEAKS. Well, well. is there anyone in the DA’s office that’s a proven match in the courtroom against  CLINT BRODEN?  Gulp.  Not to mention that most people here are not very fond of undercover cops.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading