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COME TO JESUS LITTLE SINNER CONFESS WHAT YOU DID AND I WILL NEVER WRITE ABOUT YOU AGAIN AND TAKE DOWN ALL THE SH*tty PHOTOS OF YOU THAT ARE ON THE INTERNET ANYWAY.   DEAL?   Tell us about the day you shacked up with Mike Mc and he died with/on you. Come on.   Sherre the big … Continue reading

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    JUST A GAWDDAMNED SHAME     Going into the Biker Trials, lawyers for the bikers’d be calling everyone looking for dirt or paper or something on a myriad of Waco’s most prominent office holders, but by the time it was over you could have had an elected official bribing people and a drunken … Continue reading

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“This is a horrible idea and should not happen! Mr. Johnson will single handedly set back Mclennan County Law Enforcement years if this is done”          Pat Swanton, WACKO PD   The DA’s office comes to see Olivia all the time to review cases before a warrant is issued, don’t you people watch … Continue reading

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July 13, 2019 After making one big deal out of his heroic saving of young girls from jack offs, McNamara finally found a way OUT, especially since it’s pretty clear that his ole buddy Abel seemed to have come into a big of pocket money around the same time. So, after ruining the lives of … Continue reading

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 This is a reprint of a post from the Legendary Jim Parks and a new group called “Elect a Constitutional McLennan County Sherifif”, seems people are comparing files and notes and learning how to access Public Information Requests.   See the following article for more info on that Florida trip taken by married deputies.    Travis … Continue reading

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Brought to you by some of the 237 rich or downright lucky men in Waco whose cases from the massage parlor got taken care of my our Sheriff last year.  xoxoxo Guess who won’t be there.                   Continue reading

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                      You simply cannot make this shit up. Disclaimer:  Even I can’t believe it’s happening.  Can’t believe that people are so invincible feeling even in their old age as to put on a pageant of total bullshit in front of the public thinking us all … Continue reading

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    WHY IS HARRY BRINGING YOU THIS STORY AND NOT THE TRIB? Because Waco is a beautiful, Christian, charming, peaceful, law abiding place where bluebonnets bloom, young girls sign contracts to stay virgins at Baylor, Football is king, and things are the way they always were and we like it that way.  P.S. The … Continue reading

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    Harry Storm after seeing a photo of Abel Reyna as a preacher this morning. John Hiatt  speaks for Harry today,  maybe you also,  click on arrow,  enjoy.   SMUG.  You know this dumbass.  Now you too, can hire him to perform the nuptials of your loved ones.  It seems combinations of lawyer and … Continue reading

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SORE LOSER LEAVES BIG MESS BEHIND     Poor thing tried to save us from ourselves and those gnarly bikers but we were just too stupid to see what a big hero he was and what he went through to save a bunch of ignorant ingrates.  Sigh. Instead of dismissing the cases, or trying the cases, or pleading the cases, … Continue reading