This is a reprint of a post from the Legendary Jim Parks and a new group called “Elect a Constitutional McLennan County Sherifif”, seems people are comparing files and notes and learning how to access Public Information Requests.  

See the following article for more info on that Florida trip taken by married deputies.


 Travis County DA’s Office Public Integrity Division,   416 W 11th St, Austin, TX 78701




  “Please contact the Travis County District Attorney’s Office Public Corruption Division. They have jurisdiction over everything in the State of Texas.”

House Bill 1690 was amended on the House floor to apply solely to corruption allegations against elected or appointed state officials, who would be investigated by the Texas Rangers and prosecuted, if the allegations are confirmed, in the official’s home county.


SO IT GOES: Citizens Looking For Equal Justice sent this to Radio Legendary under anonymous conditions.

“Hope you have received the recent packet sent, regarding the corruption, lies and unethical things taking place within the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department. I know it’s a lot to take in, but each paragraph can be easily verified if proper investigation is conducted. Justice needs to be served.

(The allegations are straightforward. Records accompanying the anonymous information show clearly that the Eubanks and the Petersons, both couples who are sworn deputies of the Sheriff’s Office, went to Miami on full pay, stayed in two hotel rooms, the wives attended a training session as homicide investigators, and the husbands accompanied them on full pay. When questioned, Sheriff McNamara said the two men were working cases while in Miami. The total cost, according to the documents, was $6,252.50, more than $2,000 more expensive than if the two ladies had gone alone for the price of $4,160.24. According to the informants, a Deputy Mike Ochoa received a $300 reimbursement compared to the $2,030.56 reimbursement Rebecca Eubank received after claiming $1,147.62 in travel expenses.)

“Chief Deputy Kilcrease, Captain Steve January and Sgt. Adrian Wernet committed the offense of falsifying documents, due to the knowledge that an offense occurred and still signed off on these time sheets,” according to the informant.

“Captain Chris Eubank and Deputy Robert Peterson committed the offense of falsifying documents, by submitting time sheets to indicate they were at work, while on vacation…

“Detectives Rose Peterson and Rebecca Eubank committed the offense of misappropriation of funds over $1,000 and less than $20,000, by submitting false (claims) or misrepresentation of their reimbursement forms, which means deliberately deceiving McLennan County for monetary gain…

“We’d recommend that you request a second open records request to compare documents from the nice little Florida vacation/training trip by the Eubanks and Petersons to see if there have been changes to these documents, which we can confirm has happened on one occasion. Also, I’d question why former McLennan County Auditor Stan Chambers would take a $60,000-plus per year pay cut to take another job. This took place shortly after the Sheriff’s Department had been questioned about the Florida trip and travel reimbursements. Mr. Chambers might have been pressured out by the current Sheriff, because he (McNamara) is known for that. Our current McLennan County DA refuses to follow up on the Florida trip because there is no complainant. The extent of his investigation was one phone call to Mr. Chambers, in which Chambers told him everything had been taken care of.

(I left a message for Mr. Johnson. He did not respond.)

“Could you post a mailing address to Bernie Feazell on your FB page or forward this information to her posting?


“Please contact the Travis County District Attorney’s Office Public Corruption Division. They have jurisdiction over everything in the State of Texas.

“Justice for all.”

So mote it be.

– Legendary



  1. Nevermind Eubank having family at the very top of AC. Informing members of Aryan Circle when and where to avoid locations being raided.

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