June 26th., 2019


Here we go again.  Sheriff’s department, McLennan County, City of Waco, doesn’t matter which bunch it is, they’re going to screw you around if you want to know their business, or what they are spending your money on.  Sooooo, what they do to mess you around, just for fun, is they take EVERYTHING you ask them, and send it to the AG’s office for an Opinion.  They do this to EVERYONE.  They think it’s cute.  They do it because they can and they know it hacks people off.

Well, looks like Ken Paxton’s people don’t think Sheriff’s got all that privacy.

Since Cody Blossman was working on September 2, 2015, I have his file, the day that Mike Mc died Sheriff can’t expect privacy.  So, this means that when Sheriff went to move the body, because Blossman was ON DUTY, Sheriff doesn’t have any privacy.  We will be writing to the  AG’s office and intend to file numerous more public info requests and complaints.

The Sheriff loves to waste his employees time with writing the AG, to BUY TIME to get his lies straight.  They just like to mess the public around and teach you a lesson if you want to get a Public Info Request, they don’t like it and will play their little game.

Well, play this.


public info request 1

public information 2          public info 3

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