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Dunn gun inventory removed because it contained Sheriff’s address and this writer does not want to go to jail.                     ENOUGH         We know Parnell loves the ladies, married ones too, always kind of a half blackmail thing there in place.  Spouses find … Continue reading

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Click Arrow   WACOPEDIA:  What is the definition of buzz kill? At first we could find no words but this picture of Marcus Nelson, Waco School Superintendent who got popped for grass recently did come to mind.    Marcus Nelson Then this photo of  retired and sometimes “visitng” Judge Mike Gassaway, ,  popped up from … Continue reading

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      “Where are the rub and tug cases”   Continue reading

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“We have arrested over 300 people that are involved in human trafficking in some way.”    Sheriff Parnell McNamara Where’s the list? You run for re election without telling anyone whether or not YOU gave those cases to Reyna?  Real sweetheart to your Republican counterpart DA Barry Johnson, aren’t ya? We’re not looking to Barry … Continue reading