Dunn gun inventory removed because it contained Sheriff’s address and this writer does not want to go to jail.




Front page letter




We know Parnell loves the ladies, married ones too, always kind of a half blackmail thing there in place.  Spouses find out, both go down.  Exciting.  This time, Parnell gets a woman’s HUSBAND’s guns, and pawns them so he can go to Switzerland for his step daughter’s wedding.

Anyone checking the SERIAL NUMBERS of these guns listed above will find out they are not Parnell McNamara’s.  Nope.

Where are these guns?  Did he get them out?

Things change in Waco, people have had quite enough and are coming forward.

Yes, all this is true and more.

Parnell wasn’t lost without Abel long, however.


Parnell announcing for office almost a YEAR EARLY.  Why?  Not to run “herd on the lawless”,   to raise money.

See JHawk the Hawkins family, they own the 8 liners here, well, a lot of them, along with several Bingo licenses, since Hawkins’ health is failing, all that money from the suffering of addicted people mainly on the East Side, will go to Clifton Robinson, if he has his way, along with a continuation of Johnny Ash, Wes Waller, and others.  After all, without Abel they have no place to go.  Neither does Parnell.  Whoops.

All these folks are like the “Bill Miller” of gaming.  They make their monies off the backs and suffering of the poor.

Greed.  Past and continuing.

It is time for the FBI or TEXAS RANGERS.

There is enough, more than enough evidence to investigate.





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