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Dedicated to a true American who helped out a sister today you know who you are OKAY YOU SONS OF BITCHES, IT’S TIME TO  LEGALIZE  MARIJUANA  IN  TEXAS   n.com/news/local/gov-abbott-waives-regulations-to-allow-restaurants-to-deliver-alcohol-due-to-covid-19#:~:text=%22The%20State%20of%20Texas%20is,employees%2C%22%20said%20Governor%20Abbott.&text=Effective%20immediately%2C%20restaurants%20with%20a,food%20purchased%20from%20the%20restauran   Okay, you want the people of Texas to be able to drink alcohol and NOT smoke weed? Are you nuts? This is like giving … Continue reading

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I think his idea of Johnny Ash and mine are two different ideas.   Maybe Sheriff thinks I’m asking for it? Wonder about all those other people…hmmm. See, they didn’t see Abel’s loss coming, it messed them up for a while, until they moved right on over to Parnell, now Abel’s donors match, they just … Continue reading

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Well, well, looks like someone is brave enough to answer Harry’s questions and it isn’t the Sheriff, we’d like to thank whomever for the anonymous good stuff that, yes, we do investigate before printing not that we care very much anymore. Fresh from KSLA, which must stand for K-SALSA we got us one hot blonde … Continue reading

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Now, this sh*t hurts a b*tch Special report: ‘Duets’ live event – Journalist Hugh Aynesworth … https://podcasts.apple.com › podcast › special-report-duets-live-event-jour…   In November 1963, Aynesworth witnessed the JFK assassination in Dealey … news about a new Netflix project he worked on about killer Henry Lee Lucas.                           … Continue reading

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ERICA WITH WOODWAY BAPTIST SAYS IT WAS SACCHARIN     Central Texas businesswoman indicted – KWTX.com https://www.kwtx.com › news › Local-businesswoman-indicted-510643011   May 30, 2019 – WACO, Texas (KWTX) Sherre Lynn Johnston, 52, of Lorena, has … commonly known as Xanax, into the McLennan County Jail on July 20, … You visited this page on 10/22/19.   Here’s a comment today from … Continue reading

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Honest people want to tell their side of the story, even the WHISTLEBLOWER is ready to answer questions from Republicans. Lawyer says whistleblower willing to answer written questions from Republicans Sure enough Whistleblower ready to talk  SO, DEAR ELECTED OFFICIAL SHERIFF OF MCLENNAN COUNTY WHY DON’T YOU ANSWER A QUESTION YOU LITTLE PUBLIC SERVANT YOU……………………………… … Continue reading

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COME TO JESUS LITTLE SINNER CONFESS WHAT YOU DID AND I WILL NEVER WRITE ABOUT YOU AGAIN AND TAKE DOWN ALL THE SH*tty PHOTOS OF YOU THAT ARE ON THE INTERNET ANYWAY.   DEAL?   Tell us about the day you shacked up with Mike Mc and he died with/on you. Come on.   Sherre the big … Continue reading

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Sherre Johnston has admitted she was “in love” with Mike McNamara and he her for almost forty years. Of course, that love also seeped over into brother Parnell too and a few others. The Mc’s got around and many women loved them only to heartbroken. It is very clear in retrospect that Sherre indeed didn’t … Continue reading

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McNamara is a fake, a phony, a frightened old man who made a snap decision that he didn’t consider very well. He has a history of sexual blackmail and has been “had” by Sherre Johnston who got off 6 DWI’s managed to have a phone in jail, and has thumbed her nose at the Sheriff … Continue reading

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MORAL DISENGAGEMENT AND ETHICAL FADING     https://www.wacotrib.com/news/crime/state-commission-warns-judge-strother-for-picking-detective-as-grand/article_e20c5f28-e289-5f54-a757-abe5a3db529e.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2018/12/13/former-baylor-frat-president-accused-rape-got-no-jail-time-now-is-barred-graduation/ https://www.thedailybeast.com/why-last-waco-texas-twin-peaks-shooting-charges-were-dropped https://www.wacotrib.com/news/crime/da-dismisses-vegas-buffet-human-trafficking-cases/article_49c743cd-038e-5f22-a7e7-d505e10f01b7.html https://www.wacotrib.com/news/crime/officials-passing-on-prostitution-cases-to-pursue-traffickers/article_e458e3ca-3390-5a84-9880-05ba67645f68.html https://www.wacotrib.com/news/crime/affidavit-alleges-fbi-probe-into-da-reyna-s-activities-ongoing/article_884ff14f-c2fb-5ebc-a38f-3a2e55579012.html https://www.wacotrib.com/news/crime/federal-judge-smith-retires-during-ongoing-investigation/article_a44e8589-2cfb-5719-97ec-a1362bce08f2.html             Continue reading