I think his idea of Johnny Ash and mine are two different ideas.


Maybe Sheriff thinks I’m asking for it? Wonder about all those other people…hmmm.

See, they didn’t see Abel’s loss coming, it messed them up for a while, until they moved right on over to Parnell, now Abel’s donors match, they just hopped in Parnell’s bed and he didn’t mind.



May 18, 2018


I wrote the Abel Reyna Phone Records piece in 2017 but Ash didn’t snap to it until May 18, 2018 for some reason, so he wrote me. This is one of two. This is him defending Abel, this is him before realizing Gerhardt Hefele told me that HE, Johnny Ash had murdered Lillie Hefele.

SO, I figure if just outing Abel’s phone number got Johnny that mad I might ought to publish a few more things just in case, as it seems dead women in this county or Ft. Worth county for that matter aren’t any big deal. SO, time to defend ourselves and take appropriate actions.

When your Sheriff doesn’t care if his friends threaten you, when you Sheriff decides who gets protection and who doesn’t……………

You decide, threat? Not a threat? Hmmm.

We know how the Sheriff decided. Didn’t recuse himself from that decision either for one of his main donors.

Johnny Ash note to Harry



JOHNNY ASH, kissing Abel Reyna, now dancing with Parnell,  Parnell McNamara Campaign Contribution list and no fly zone.

johnny ash birthday


3 Greencards

Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs
McLennan County
901 Washington Avenue
Waco, Texas 76701
Dear Internal Affairs,
Last year in August I went to see David Johnson at the Sheriff’s department.  I notified David Kilcrease also I wanted to come in and asked them to please tape record me.
It is important to note here that David Johnson taped me that day.
By the time I went to the S.O I already knew that Montea Stewart, Richard Mills, Jay Justice, and Julissa West had also been to the Sheriff’s department about the phone calls and threats they were receiving and the bribe that Richard Mills received by phone and subsequent information pertaining to Abel Reyna and clear bribery not to mention campaign finance report violations by Reyna and also the Sheriff.
I complained because Sherre Johnston, the woman who, if nothing else did the 911 call the day the Sheriff’s brother died, and got several DWI’s etc. had threatened me in writing.
A text containing a tombstone with my name on it, probably/possibly from Felipe Reyna was also a threat, and I had a written threat from Johnny Ash saying something about “Hurting” one of my family members.
I them gave David Johnson a cold case from Ft. Worth.
Report No: 80064819
Victim: Gloria “Lillie” Hefele, 40 years old

Location: 3900 Samson Park
I know that David Johnson actually worked the case because I was contacted by a person Johnson had interviewed and became very excited that indeed my friend’s murder would be solved.
Nothing has been done on the threats to me.
It seems to me that David Johnson, who was not only excited about the murder, AND actively worked on it, was taken off the case by our own Sheriff because the main suspect in the case is one “Johnny Ash”.
I believe it is the same “Ash” that is listed on a recent invitation by our Sheriff as a “host.”
I am hereby asking and demanding a full investigation of this matter and will remind you that under Texas Law, you are bound by , to turn this matter over to the District Attorney’s Office and/or the Attorney General’s immediately.
We have timelines, evidence, and people willing and wanting to talk to law enforcement, however, they like me believe that law enforcement needs an investigation.
Yours truly,
CC:  Barry Johnson

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