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Waco PD, Sheriff McNamara, Texas Rangers, Ft. Worth police, you’ve got DNA, you have witnesses, including me, what are you waiting on?  NETFLIX just came out with a series that makes law enforcement in the State of Texas look like idiots. True idiots. Heartless and mean. Solve the unsolved murder of this woman. My friend, … Continue reading

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 Harry/Berni drank the koolaid for twenty years until Truman shredded that truck. In 2002 Truman Simons, Vic Feazell, and Sherre Johnston, gave her the choice of going along with Spence did it or hitting the road.  Harry/Bern left, Sherre Johnston, Simons’ concubine stayed, the rest is historically b.s. and everyone except these two peacocks knows … Continue reading

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Moves his brother, gets Sherre J, the brother’s little girlfriend to make the incredible 911 call, everyone knows it, he hates confrontation, lost without Abel, hoping for Clifton Robinson’s 8 liner greed to get him through the election.  Can’t hide.  Can’t tell the truth either.     If he wasn’t so smug and just such … Continue reading

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OOOOOooops Parnell, looks like you messed up. ‘Fixer Upper’ Sex Scandal: Joanna Gaines’ Dad Investigated In Prostitution Ring Two Waco, Texas massage parlors were raided in the sex trafficking sting. May 1, 2019 @ 7:14AM Photo Credit: Instagram A prostitution ring at two massage parlors has rocked Joanna Gaines’ town of Waco, Texas. Now, can exclusively … Continue reading

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                         “Sheriff McNamara declined to comment” 3/20/19 Sheriff’s new campaign slogan for 2019 “Riding herd on the lawless” Harry says,  “riding herd on the lawless by the nutless.”                     Hiding your eyes doesn’t make you … Continue reading

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    SWORN DEPOSITION IN ITS ENTIRETY BELOW     What is “Simonized?” “Simonized” is when you believe Truman Simons over your own brain and common sense.  It takes a while,  it’s like “grooming”,  one becomes “Simonized” trusting the “strong, silent, cop” type thing.  Hero worship.  Thinking, mistakenly that someone is truthful and follow The … Continue reading