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In November 1963, Aynesworth witnessed the JFK assassination in Dealey … news about a new Netflix project he worked on about killer Henry Lee Lucas.
                                               Apologizes for the run on sentence
As with the Judge Walter Smith testimony in the AH Belo trial where my then husband, Vic Feazell won a $58 million dollar verdict with my help and that of many people including his own son, Bernadette Feazell, loyal wife and paralegal, Greg Feazell, little boy who learned how to Xerox for daddy, other people who are now considered “nuts” by Vic, and most everyone from the first half of his life will be LEFT OUT.
In this Netflix version,  Vic did it all on his own with his superhuman brains and charm.
He might be able to get Buddy Truman back on board in front of the Netflix Cameras even though Truman Simons lied in a deposition about an affair with another woman he neglected to tell the Pardo attorneys about when he was trying to giggle monies out of them and included “loss of consortium” to his Legal Lawsuit/Complaint. That means he blamed Pardo because his wife didn’t love him anymore.
To Vic’s credit, after Simons lied in deposition, even Vic, told the truth and pushed Simons under the bus. Simons was, of course, deposed again and the lawsuit went nowhere.
Anyway, where there’s a camera it’s hard to find Vic without Truman so we will just have to wait and see.
Vic also has a podcast, I heard the promo and it ain’t bad.
The Texas Rangers just never straightened all that out, just got all puffy and non talkative.
Didn’t Ranger Bob Prince go on to run a prison somewhere.  Aaah.
Anyway, if the Henry Lee Lucas story interested you before, here it comes again.
By the way, Hugh Aynesworth worked on the Netflix stories about Ted Bundy.
Merry Christmas Rangers.
Harry and Henry


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