Sherre Johnston has admitted she was “in love” with Mike McNamara and he her for almost forty years. Of course, that love also seeped over into brother Parnell too and a few others. The Mc’s got around and many women loved them only to heartbroken. It is very clear in retrospect that Sherre indeed didn’t know what to do when Mike either died or passed out during their tryst together. Sherre it seems, unlike Parnell has felt terrible about it and regrets not calling an ambulance or 911, as below in HER OWN FACEBOOK MESSAGE.

It would seem that Sherre has suffered because of the truth but because Parnell is the all powerful one through whom jail telephones and favors pass she has been probably threatened, bribed, and victimized by the menfolk. This is how women around these powerful men wind up.


Sherre Johnston NEVER had a Probation Officer.  She was never Court Ordered to Alcohol treatment either. Why? Because Parnell didn’t want her spouting the truth about her part and HIS in the death of Mike McNamara and the subsequent cover up.

Loving the McNamaras hasn’t done a thing for this woman or the people of this county.



All she got was a few get out of jail cards and some canteens.



  1. Was sherre having an affair with mike when she was a little girl? You said it went on for 40 years?
    That would have made her age 10….LOL!
    Also , you don’t even have the date of mikes death correct, not mentioning all of the other errors in your story. Does anyone even take you seriously? You have absolutely no credibility at all.
    Sherre has 3 dwi’s. Something else added to a long list of your lies. Either you’re making this shit up, or you’re very stupid. You never write anything accurately. I’ve never gotten the impression that sherre cares about her mugshots one way or another. She jokes about them all of the time. She’s using the pics as part of her testimony . She is back to being beautiful, and she wants to show the mugshot pics as part of her transformation and story of healing.

    1. The DPS Report on Sherre is listed in one of my blogs. DPS reports don’t lie. Glad she is back to being beautiful after breaking up the marriage of Judy Simons. You can also buy the DPS report yourself for a buck/ Getting a date wrong, sure I might. Harming Judy Simons forever, let her make amends to Judy. She appeared in public everywhere with love struck Truman and you can chew me out all you want, what bout the women whose men she stole. That a lie too? No. You can be as loyal as you want and talk about transformation. Judy Simons never needed a transformation, she was a good woman and did not deserve what she got. Healing? Why is it about Sherre healing? What about the other people she hurt? Then there’s the xanax up her twat, being drunk in jail, most people would have to go to jail for that a long time but because she screws everyone she got off. Her testimony is for God, her punishment in the law of man is something else. Shame on her and shame on you. Idiots. My blog hs over 477,000 viewers who know Sherre Whitney is a used up home wrecking nut who screwed her way out of everything. Ask your little buddy about sending those naked pictures to Mike Mc, that phone wound up with Susan Istre. Ask her too. You pathetic god people.

    2. In one of Sherre’s phone calls to Susan Istre, Mike McNamara’s girlfriend, SHERRE told Susan she and Mike had been “in love” for forty years. Ask your little slut buddy how many times she called poor Susan Istre and harrassed her. Nice that Sherre is making amends, so should Judy Simons expect a letter soon? She ruined Judy’s life, had the balls to screw Truman in Judy’s bed. Talk to your little Christian buddy about the women whose marriages she broke up. Seems to me if you are so godlike you’d be worried about the innocent women she did horrible things to. Sherre needs to come clean about what her part was in the Mike Mc death. Perhaps you can help her with that. If you don’t like my blog don’t read it. Transformation and healing. What about Judy Simons? What did she do to deserve Sherre having sex in her bed? When’s that apology?
      She’s done the mugshot as badge of courage before, no one cares. What they care about is her part in moving a man who was still alive and died because of shenanigans. You can bite me by the way.

    3. I also don’t pretend to be nicey nicey, I’m not, I’m real, one thing for sure I don’t lie. You’re so religious etc. get your little snuggy bunny Sherre to tell you what happened with Mike Mc. You’ll find he was alive and could have been helped. YOU dear lady are not God, neither am I, but Sherre is a lying home wrecking sex addict who has a taste for uniforms. She and Mike “loved” eachother 40 years, they knew one almost all their lives. Poor Susan Istre didn’t know Mike was cheating till she was sitting in the ER and clicked on Mike’s phone only to see Sherre’s shaved pus. The one she stuck the xanax in. You are a fool and I am a mean bitch but she is phoney and you’re dumb.
      Ask her. Go on ask her.

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