We the people of the United States, of the earth, of Texas, of Waco, have been waiting for someone who will just tell us the truth.  Like we’re grown ups, like we’re not incapable of understanding, we stopped demanding the truth.  We stopped demanding real transparency in government and allowed people all the way to Waco, Texas to call our own tv stations and such as it is newspaper, “Fake.”

Call out your public officials, spoiled brats, make them accountable for the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the lies, the secrecy, and the downright bull that seems to be government.

If you see an elected official and have a question.  Go up to him/her and ask him.  The raised taxes and unfairness is also OUR fault for letting them become false gods in a little town, little frogs in a little dirty pool, running about collecting brass and wood awards for nothing.

Stand up or someday soon be asked why you did not.


Thank you Robert Mueller.

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