“We have arrested over 300 people that are involved in human trafficking in some way.”    Sheriff Parnell McNamara

Where’s the list?

You run for re election without telling anyone whether or not YOU gave those cases to Reyna?  Real sweetheart to your Republican counterpart DA Barry Johnson, aren’t ya? We’re not looking to Barry on this, THIS IS ON YOU.   

Did you realize too many of your cronies were on those tapes when you got a few days into it?  AFTER ruining the lives of a few guys, then you got to the Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors, and maybe the father of a celebrity?  Suddenly, quiet.   


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We all thought “Human Trafficking” was your thang?  No?  Where are the cases? 

Having a drink with Parnell McNamara | Wacoan® | Waco’s Magazine™

Then I was retired nine years and ran for sheriff in 2011. I missed law … We have arrested over 300 people that are involved in [human trafficking] in some way.




New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has reportedly been charged with misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution after police say he was twice videotaped paying for and receiving sex at an illicit massage parlor in Florida.

I got news for you,  women don’t like this shit.  They think it just rots your brain and the idea of having to whack off some old fart at the age of sixteen or less, or more, is just flat disgusting already.

In Waco, you’d have protection.  No, not a condom, a good friend, colleague, rogue, high school, college buddy who won’t let your family know you’re a jack off and if they find out you’re out doing it,  it won’t be nice.  SO, to help you with keeping your marriage a joke and your reputation with your children a sham, we won’t put your face on the front of the Trib.

Favors from people working at the Marshall’s office for people working at newspapers and other stations go way back since NO ONE EVER RETIRES around here, or if they do they just leave their position for their family members. Or you have grandsons who want to be Sheriff because Grandpa was.

Call your public officials out.  Get your cousin who’s here from Arkansas to ask Sheriff wtf with Sherre Johnston and then run out of the restaurant if you see him out eating.

Sheriff works for YOU.  Remember those days?  Harwell for example?  Larry Lynch?  People who were involved in crazy shit and did the best they could, not some hollow paper cowboy you can’t even approach.  NO Public Servant.  Not prom king.

Younger people will not be intimidated by this old man stuff anymore either.  They think it’s funny, they’re going to call you and every other public official here OUT.  You will of course, label them as “crazy,” worse yet, Liberal.  They are none of those.  They are tired of seeing the circus of b.s. play out in front of their common sense every day.

20% is what Abel lost by.  20% of your constituents are not Sheeple who love you for your looks.  Harry and 20% are waiting for a leader to fight you.

Harry Blog, now up to 300,000.  The World wants to know where the rub and tug cases are and Sherre J too.  Your buddy Ralph has over 200,000 signatures against him,  the corruption has made it out of town.









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