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Why haven’t you called in the FBI to help you with the phone harrassment and threat case?  It will be a year March 26th. the cases were given to your office and you promised to solve them.  In August, I met with the FBI BEFORE I went to see you.  I had already given up on you helping other people you know were harassed and went to the FBI first, mistakenly thinking that this would prompt you into doing something.  But Nooooo.  You weren’t bothered that people were going to the FBI on the same information you had about BRIBES and you did nothing.

Whether I or anyone else is “crazy” or not in your small black book matters little, we have the right to be protected from threat.  We have the right to be protected and YOU seem to have failed miserably.

You know Damon Reed, John Lewis, Will Hutson and others are involved, also Abel and Felipe, yet you do nothing.

Many people have gone to you and made reports.  YOU do nothing because you are protecting someone bigger and better than we are.

We gave you evidence of bribery with the Magic Jack and 00 numbers and you sit on it.

The people with fortitude, Greg Davis, Julissa West, Kevin  Fisk, Brittany Lannen, went to the FBI bravely when confronted with favoritism and possible bribery.  Your own family has been called to pay a bribe.

You do nothing.  You run for office again?

My case # is 18-1107 I went to your office last August and I want you to refer my case to the FBI and if not I demand to know why not.




From: David Johnson <>

Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2019, 3:12:55 PM CST

Subject: RE: Offense Report or Case #

The Case number is 18-1107

Detective David Johnson, CFCE, CTF

C.I.D./Electronic Forensics

McLennan County Sheriff’s Office

901 Washington Ave.

Waco, TX 76701

Office (254) 757-5112

Fax (254) 757-5144





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