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After running to the FBI, Waco PD, Sheriff’s department, Attorney General, on and on, House Bill 1690 was NOT, repeat, NOT gotten rid of by Governor Goodhair when he was all hacked off at Rosemary Lehmberg and the Public Integrity Division of the Travis County District Attorneys Office.  Nope.

House Bill 1690 is alive and well, and former Wacoan, Margaret Moore, daughter of the late, well loved attorney, Tom Moore.  Margaret Moore’s reputation in the State of Texas is beyond reproach she is known for her fairness, intelligence, and diligence.

She comes a lot higher recommended than the FBI, PD, and Sheriff for damned sure.

So now, everyone with a story to tell, paperwork to show, and bravery can contact the Public Integrity Division, address listed below, and complain about what has happened to them in this county and how WE HAVE NOTHING BUT CORRUPTION, with no end in sight.

Send your complaints to the Travis County Office of Public Integrity, they cover the ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS, including Waco.

We have a place to go, let’s do this.


Return Receipt Requested is the way to go if you have the extra cash but not necessary

Travis County DA’s Office Public Integrity Division

416 West 11th. St.

Austin, Texas 78701




  1. What’s the deal with McNamara releasing only partial list of names from human trafficking? I see NO JUSTICE in that deal! I feel the sheriff is trying to protect his “Good Ole’ Boy” Campaign donor CLUB! There cannot be that many blurred pictures! Unrecognizable my Ass! He picked only the ones he wanted to be published, that is simply WRONG!

  2. Bribery? Could Abel have needed money around Feb. 26, a surprise $90K, had to do something quickly, trade cases for money on bankers, rich, and famous. McNamara thinks we’re all fools buying this bullshit bad performance. Thanks for writing, it sucks.

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