You simply cannot make this shit up.

Disclaimer:  Even I can’t believe it’s happening.  Can’t believe that people are so invincible feeling even in their old age as to put on a pageant of total bullshit in front of the public thinking us all too stupid to see what is going on


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JHAWK $6.4 M Mansion for Sale City of Waco Ponders $174K price …

Dec 27, 2017 – A HEATED FLOOR ON THE BACKS OF THE POOR … to get rid of eight liners, the “hefty” price tag of $174,000 was obviously too much money, …

Jim Hawkins and wife                                     Hawkinsdene, their house

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Jim Hawkins, JHAWK, lots of businesses, one is the “Eight Liners”, he also owns bingo licenses, think it’s not lucrative?  It is.  It’s big business in Waco.  Big.  Now, however, Mr. Hawkins is too old and the 8 liner business is up for grabs.

Stepping up to take over, yet another old rich man, Clifton Robinson, yeah, the one that also used to own the WACO TRIB.  Still has his little fingers in there too,  think not?  Anyway, without Abel a new “in” is needed.  Another politician.  They backed Abel Reyna and lost.  Can’t do gambling without a politician or high law enforcement official.

Clifton Robinson, rich, Baylor, Legacy, you name it, wants that 8 liner business.

C. Clifton Robinson      betsy

Tommy Witherspoon, the one who can’t ask questions and seems to hang out with people who need to answer a few, was Clifton Robinson’s employee over at the Trib.



Parnell McNamara’s glorious commercial piece for Abel Reyna.  This last time Parnell decided to skip it, after TWIN PEAKS, and go to the Holy Land so he wouldn’t have to refuse Abel’s request for a redo.  See, Parnell can’t take confrontation either.

So, yes, Parnell was with Abel.  Felipe before him.  Buds.



Parnell and his friend Abel, years of friendship, friends with dad, Felipe, and granddad.  Lots of favors.

Enter Wes Waller and UBI.  Plane trip, trips to Cabo, trips to Tennessee, not reported.  Contributions from Wes Waller, reported, however.

Wes Waller with Abel Reyna etc.


Basically Waller was the bag man

Wes Waller – Vice President – UBI Products and Construction Services …

Waco, Texas – ‎UBI Products and Construction Services

Wes Waller. Vice President at UBI Products and Construction Services. Waco, Texas. Construction. UBI Products and Construction Services. 60 connections …


Then it all went to hell.  Abel lost unexpectedly by a whopping 20%.   Parnell didn’t see that one coming.

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We did.

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So now, we have Clifton Robinson, fingers in the newspaper and photos of dear Parnell with kids, begin to appear  one just came out yesterday.  Aaaaah.  What happened no kittens?

Inline image    parnell and kid

Yes, Clifton Robinson is having a big fundraiser for Parnell.  His co host is Wes Waller.  Yes, THAT Wes Waller, used to be Abel’s Wes Waller.


There’s more.

You knew there was.

























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