“Oh, hell no”

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Waco School Superintendent Marcus Nelson, less than 2 lousy grams of weed.  Sad.


Not here in the belly of injustice.  Yeah, yeah, it’s against the law.  What law?  The law here in Waco?  Well, i’d say from the looks of the law in Waco, a lot depends on whether or not you’re special or legacy or kin or a good ole boy.

THIS wonderful, smiling man is our WACO SCHOOL SUPERINDENT, he got popped by our chickens**t cops and charged with about 2grams of pot.  Of course, HIS life is ruined now in Waco, or is it?  It seems to me that Marcus Nelson’s  friendly face from Waco is so refreshing to the world, that Change.Org has gone wildfire with a petition to save him from our City’s sick brand of spin the bottle justice.  Hell, we let Willie Nelson off TWICE.  (thank goodness)  ask Judge Gassaway.  Come on here.



Please sign this petition and share with everyone you know.



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