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Ever wait behind that really BIG, FAT, deputy at Krispy Fried Chicken on Franklin while he gathers his “to go” order for the Sheriff’s department?  If the guy who sent the chocolate d#ck to the bu*t hurt deputy sent chicken, they’dve just eaten the evidence.

So, dismiss 300 cases against dirty old men friends who slapped an oriental girl around, made her cry and forced her to jack them off, lose TWIN PEAKS, protect one another to the total of $500K during TWIN PEAKS, laugh off anything involving the Reynas, close a murder case when you find out the main suspect is your co chairman and money man, Johnny Ash, but send a chocolate penis to the Sheriff’s department…………….


Of course, the DA’s office, in an effort to even GET ALONG with these pathetic, red faced, liver screaming, good ole boys, goes along with it, as they should.  Too bad the DA’s office isn’t interested in the other things Sheriff McNamara is up to.

Let’s all kiss some Sheriff department ass, they have a big sense of humor laughing at people who have trouble or laughing at how mean they are to someone, they protect whomever they feel like and anyone else is subject to their strange sense of justice.

Welcome to Waco.

Welcome to a place where if you are friends with Sheriff Big Mc you can get away with murder but you cannot send a chocolate dick to a deputy.

See if you can get the Sheriff or DA’s interest on your case.

What bullshit.







One thought on “GROW A PAIR

  1. Traveling through Waco I was pulled over by a Narcotics officer Jason Bost. This seriously sick subhuman psychopath felt my third brake lamp wasn’t bright enough in under two minutes he was trying to smash my rear windows and said Son you don’t mess around in McLennan County or will chain your ass to a toilet and they will never hear from you again.

    Beaten and hauled off to the county jail had a gallbladder attack and was throwing up blood for 12 hours with no medical assistance. Inform them to call the Grapevine hospital for verification I was just told C what drugs and alcohol will do. They tore apart my car hauled off my dog’s to the in Humane Society. He broke my wrist from the cups and nerve damage continues. Never informed I was under arrest nor was there a arrestables defensed but took me in for resisting arrest to get me in this corrupt local system. Guy Cox was supposed to file a motion to dismiss for my right to a speedy trial 18 months later on some minor misdemeanor still being dragged through the wringer since I live two hundred miles away.

    I inform mr. Cox a day before that I am ill and ended up in the emergency room I sent mr. Cox video of me hooked up to an IV and an egg and he failed to get it to this judge who is not following the US, and Texas Constitution or the rules of procedure I addressed this to mr. Cox who claims to be head of Ethics now I have a judge issuing a warrant for a no-show after 3000 miles of driving up there for three minutes to have the case reset.

    On July 31st 2019 I wanted a transcript of the hearing I missed mr. Cox said I will get with the court reporter but not sure the county will pay for it it is $5 a page. A second email came from mr. Cox stating he talked to the judge and I would need to file a motion to secure a simple misdemeanor transcript that would certainly expose even more corruption. Mr Cox goes on to say do you want me to file this motion you would have to attend but then we’re going to take you to jail and hope you get a bond.

    I am living a real life nightmare with McLennan County and a County court-at-law Judge who is clearly biased and Prejudiced because I brought up to mr. Cox who I thought was head of Ethics that none of his cases are going to trial in the guidelines set forth this went straight to the judge and now he needs to be recused and Cox is doing nothing.

    Any assistance that a reader or yourself could provide for me I am available please help

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