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Ever wait behind that really BIG, FAT, deputy at Krispy Fried Chicken on Franklin while he gathers his “to go” order for the Sheriff’s department?  If the guy who sent the chocolate d#ck to the bu*t hurt deputy sent chicken, they’dve just eaten the evidence.

So, dismiss 300 cases against dirty old men friends who slapped an oriental girl around, made her cry and forced her to jack them off, lose TWIN PEAKS, protect one another to the total of $500K during TWIN PEAKS, laugh off anything involving the Reynas, close a murder case when you find out the main suspect is your co chairman and money man, Johnny Ash, but send a chocolate penis to the Sheriff’s department…………….


Of course, the DA’s office, in an effort to even GET ALONG with these pathetic, red faced, liver screaming, good ole boys, goes along with it, as they should.  Too bad the DA’s office isn’t interested in the other things Sheriff McNamara is up to.

Let’s all kiss some Sheriff department ass, they have a big sense of humor laughing at people who have trouble or laughing at how mean they are to someone, they protect whomever they feel like and anyone else is subject to their strange sense of justice.

Welcome to Waco.

Welcome to a place where if you are friends with Sheriff Big Mc you can get away with murder but you cannot send a chocolate dick to a deputy.

See if you can get the Sheriff or DA’s interest on your case.

What bullshit.







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