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 Dear Harry, would you please give me an example of “Mansplaining.”

                 –  Tony Hyzak, Bellmead, Tx



GOP senator: Trump lied about hush money payments because he ‘loves his family’


He’s an asshole and whatever “make nice” arrangement they have, it’s happy the American people know they adore one another, he’s a kind, gentle, caring and Christian man.  The difference between Trump and, say, Tony Hyzak from Bellmead is that Tony knows his old lady is going to kill him because they don’t HAVE MONEY.  This is a bullshit game the “haves” have so they don’t have to make it a “half.”

This is the “I certainly hope I outlive your ass” phase of the relationship.

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The President is a hound dawg that had sex with a PORN STAR without a condom.  

Rather akin to some guy from Bellmead having unprotected sex with some chick from the TWO MINNIES and his wife finds out.  However, in Bellmead the logical conclusion would probably be a burned trailer house, a lawyer, child support, j-pay, and a trip to the Jack Harwell.  One thing’s for sure, back in the day, “Big Di*k” Freeman over at the Methodist church wouldn’tve liked it one damned bit.

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THAT, I get,   okay,  but now we have Senators spouting this.  Mansplaining this and calling it “love of family.”

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Recon Sarah Huckabee Sanders would be 0-tay with the unprotected porn star sex from her husband, recon her daddy would think it was fine?  Hmmm.

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When did this happen?





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