What a buzzkill this was by 10:00


Waco ISD superintendent arrested on marijuana charge

WISD Superintendent Marcus Nelson

We got corruption, nepotism, masturbation, veneration ,dog chokers, body movers, disappearing rub and tug cases, dead girls in hot tubs, bribery,  and plain bullshit going on right in front of us with some of our elected officials and their cronies, and this poor SOB gets popped for grass.


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Still mad?  Me too.

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Shhhhhhh.  Waco is an easy sell for “alternative truth.”  Never getting the truth, for our own good because we’re too stupid to handle it, especially from the Waco Trib, and tv stations is something that has just been in place for years.  People of my generation had “Cactus Pryor” on Channel 7 and Zebo the clown on 6, now we have had Tommy Witherspoon at the Waco Trib since we were all young and thin.  I am sure Tommy met Truman, Parnell, and the rest of them his first week as a cub reporter.  Since then, they’ve covered a lot of stories and a lot of ground.  Together.  Little things here and there, a lot of favors during the times of the Davidians set in place a good old boys club and Witherspoon, like the others is overdue retirement.  Still hanging in there, though, with his buddies.


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Davidians, David Koresh, not a buddy        Parnell McNamara     Tommy Witherspoon


Tommy Witherspoon, Sherre Johnston, and Truman Simons at retirement for Sheriff’s dept. officer.


Tommy Witherspoon, Sherre Johnston married to the assistant fire chief, boyfriend Truman Simons, hero of the Lake Murder, Sherre Johnston who called 911 when Sheriff’s brother died.  Burglarized Parnell’s shed and other mayhem never charged, never in the newspaper.

Truman Simons actually lied in a Deposition about his love affair with Sherre Johnston, the buddy thing with ALL THESE PEOPLE AND MORE goes very deep,  many years.

Lying for one another is no problem even if you’re the Lake Waco Hero, or the local Trib Reporter.  No problem, buddy buddy.

Neither the Trib nor Tommy asked Truman Simons why he shredded the truck, never asked why the truck was never luminoled, and never reported that NONE OF THE KIDS HAD ANY BLOOD ON THEM FROM ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES.  That isn’t newsworthy.

Gilbert's truck

Buddy buddy buddy buddy ,  good buddy buddy, long time let’s get a drink buddy buddy

No problem, never in the paper, sure,  buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy.


This event screwed things up.  Abel was invincible at this point and going to Austin as Gov.

The truth was/is hidden from everyone because God knows what was really going on with law enforcement, and what a coverup.  The Waco Lunch Special usual.

Jake Carrizal never knew such a buddy system existed.  Had heard of “good ole boys” but never saw it so up close and personal.  He was from out of town, obviously, expendable.

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They didn’t succeed in scaring the B-Jeezus out of us with the big, bad bikers and things sorta kinda went to hell right off the bat.

THEN in September of 2015, Mike McNamara, brother of Sheriff Parnell McNamara dies unexpectedly and somehow Buddy Sherre Johnston manages to NOT make it to the paper, no questions as to how and why she was with Mike Mc, and then we learn she called Parnell first, not 911.

Sherre email about calling 911

Here is that 911 audio

After Mike Mc’s death, Sherre goes a little crazy, burglarizes the Sheriff’s shed and is charged, oh, okay,  can’t find that charge,  it was on tv but,  not the paper, so it didn’t happen.  This was an expensive “exercise” by the Sheriff’s department in search and seizure, a surprise to the Johnstons and the rest of us, for sure, but, the only reason THIS happened is because Parnell had NO CHOICE as his wife was highly pissed off and people driving by saw Sherre do it.

Things went to sh*t and emotional hell as Sherre, armed with the truth about what REALLY happened with Mike McNamara decided she was pissed off and could do whatever the hell she wanted and neither Parnell nor “My best friend, Abel” could stop her.  Tommy turned a blind eye to the mayhem as Truman is his buddy, buddy, buddy, they all are buddy, old buddy, olddd buddy buddy.

Hanging around with law enforcement and other hot guys in uniforms, Sherre Johnston had her private detective name under Truman Simons’ license.  She worked for a lawyer and figured out real quick that an internet threat could be oh, so easily denied.  Why not post this along with a real live threatening note to someone?


Abel got about as sloppy as you could get with his campaign financial report.  Hell, an old woman with a cat sitting on her lap could track his Campaign Finance Report with his escapades on Facebook and know, oh, so much better.  Free trip for all to Tennessee for commercial?  No problem.  Why report it.  Why put it in the Trib either?  Buddy, buddy.

plane abel reyna campaign finance

Sheriff McNamara and Abel Reyna neither expecting Abel to lose.  OOooops.  Big mistake.


Cause they found out something bad and big about another buddy, buddy, when they looked at the Rub and Tug footage and had to hide it. Someone vastly more important than barbecue men or cousins.  The 300 arrests Sheriff bragged about has trimmed down to about 36.  Where they are?  Don’t know.  Needed Abel to win.  Uh oh.

parnell campaign finance reports

Sloppy buddy buddy buddy, sloppy.  Everyone got sloppy.  THEN Abel lost.  FBI?  Bribery? Magic Jack.  Come on.

They never saw it coming.  They needed eachother to cover up, oh, so much, and trusted the other one to just use that ole FAKE NEWS SHIT, ’cause, hell Parnell won’t even do a debate, right?  Abel never talked to the paper.  They had it covered.

Overconfident, invincible, having a big time, drugs?, and years of secrets being buddies buddies buddies buddies from way back.

Problem was, the damned women they had done favors for, just wouldn’t behave.  Nikki Pittman and the purses, Kim Falcone telling everyone about her buddy Abel and everyone knowing about the DWI, hell, the people Abel did favors for rubbed it in the face of just about everyone on social media.

Abel didn’t stop them.  Neither did Parnell and sh*t just got worse.

Sherre showed up at jail drunk with a pill somewhere private, that hit KWTX, not the paper, of course, then, wham.  Nada.  She got hold of a phone, Sheriff gave it to her, and that got him in trouble again but, it really didn’t happen, buddy, buddy, buddy.

Sherre got pissed off on her drive home from jail, after obviously learning her lesson and threatened Rissa Shaw but then, that didn’t happen either.

Buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy

Sherre J

THEN,  I’ll be damned if Felipe Reyna, Abel’s daddy starts day drinking and texting people about wanting to be the Grand Marshall of a Suicide Prevention Event, suggesting they put in a dunking booth and he can sell autographed copies of his book.

#6 My book

People have the nerve to go make complaints at the Sheriff’s department, in person, but because it’s Felipe, father of Abel, nothing happens.  Well, the Masons did give him an award.

Felipe Reyna award

Buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy

A Retired Texas Appellate Court Judge knows how far to hang his little toesies over the line between a threat and a threat.


Buddy sh*t,  some kind of under the table buddy stuff,  buddy buddy, no talkie

strother earsJacob Anderson 2abel 9

Image result for baylor couple dwi ken starr                Image result for baylor couple dwi ken starr

Buddy, buddy, buddy, Baylor employee and husband get off DWI,  Brittany Lannen tells all, nothing happens.  Buddy, buddy, buddy.

Is this how we treat the heroes (Brittany Lannen, Julissa West, Greg Davis) among us?  Let it just go on?  How do we expect anyone to come forward?










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