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Not Barry’s fault.  Here’s why.  Last March 27th.  a list of people from AT&T was given to the Sheriff’s department.  A list of “crank” calls that went to over twelve people on the 25th. of March.  Now,  AT&T is precluded from giving out NAMES of people who owned the Magic Jack number, however,  they did give out the addresses.  One of the addresses that kept coming up was “Reyna and Reed”,  also the location of Damon Reed now solo practitioner.  Another location was the DA’s office.  There are others.

These calls and callers have persisted since March 25th.  They have morphed from Magic Jack, a device you can call people from and they are not able to identify you,  to Inteliqnent,  a higher form of hiding,  and also Neutral Tandem,  yet another purchasable cloak to mess with folk.

Barry Johnson,  the new DA,  was one of the people who got the well prepared, obscene, threatening, and just downright disbutbing texts and photos March 25th.  There are twelve others or more.

Our illustrious Sheriff,  Parnell McNamara,  has had the case since March 27th.  victims,  yes, there are more than one who have reported this to the S.O,  have been told that subpoenas have been sent out and the victims,  as of this writing,  are still waiting.

Some,  still getting texts because it would seem whomever is texting isn’t scared of the Sheriff.

Damon Reed may indeed not be one of the writers of these texts,  however,  how can Barry Johnson hire ANYONE until the Sheriff has told him who he can trust.  Barry Johnson is not law enforcement and not our DA yet,  HE deserves better than Judges and DA’s pushing off anything unpleasant his way,  he also deserves the Sheriff to let him know who the hell he can trust.

It is not Barry Johnson’s job to ASK Damon Reed if he owns a Magic Jack or made these texts,  this is the job of our Sheriff.

Were these documents given to supporters of Barry Johnson,  yes.

EIGHT months have gone by and our Sheriff can’t solve a case of dirty pictures,  threats, and bribery.  Can’t or won’t?  Did our Sheriff make the conscious decision NOT to even tell Felipe Reyna to “knock it off”  with the telephoning and texting?  Yep.

People,  including this writer,  have received phone calls AND text messages all summer long from an obviously drunk Felipe Reyna who got so “worked up” he began calling from “Reyna Wholesale Beads” and other landlines.

Why?  Because he can.

The Sheriff has put Barry Johnson in a bad position because it would seem he doesn’t want to mess with the Reynas,  and giving out all the other names who did it WITH THEM,  can’t go forward either.  Think?  Hmm.  Since we can’t ask anyone in our secret government,  we only have to imagine.

P.S.  Harry Storm doesn’t know Damon Reed,  never met the man.

What’s Barry supposed to do?

Hello,  Parnell?

Harry and twelve others




  1. Shit’s ridiculous. What happened to law and order? Yes we’re looking at you Sherriff? And what the hell’s wrong with these looney tunes in Waco? And why do these idiots post their rants on fb? Their mommas must be so proud. No one cares whether Johnson hires you or not. And in fact I wouldn’t want to hire someone who aires grievances in public. It’s a sign of no self-control. I’m loyal to those loyal to me, and i’m also loyal to those who are no longer loyal to me. If Johnson does a good job, yall Waco good ol boys (wusses) may be stuck with him longer than 4 years, hell he might keep getting elected, lol

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