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As per usual in this day and time those who have “god” want to use that against those they perceive don’t have “god.” The root of the problem in the entire city. We have “God” and you don’t.

Suddenly, I am getting letters from obvious Woodway women about poor angelic Sherre Whitney. Seems she is in “Transition” and a beautiful soul. This is very nice. I did not know that her Step #9, making amends letters have gone out, if, indeed she is in AA. I know a few women who certainly are waiting for those “I’m sorry” letters from Sherre who is still too busy driving around with their husbands to write one I suppose.

What bullshit.

NO, I don’t like her. I don’t like that she shacked up with Truman Simons at the upstairs apartment on Waco Drive of Truman’s then employer and yet another Christian, Vic Feazell who hired Sherre for Truman so they could be together.  Vic Feazell and Associates and apartment for employee humping. I liked Truman’s wife, and NO woman deserves this male bullshit. No.

TWELVE YEARS Sherre Johnston worked for Vic Feazell and saw Truman daily. Now why would a big Christian like VF do that for Truman? Hmmm?

Next, quit telling me what her actual DWI count is, it isn’t 3, which YOU make sound awfully innocent, those 3 also contained unlawfully carrying a weapon, a gun. Which, of course was dropped. Would they drop YOU unlawfully carrying? NO>

Have YOU ever put a xanax up your twat and gone to jail drunk? No. By the way, she went to jail that day driven by Truman Simons, described in the Sheriff’s Public Info Report as an “elderly gentleman friend.”

SO ladies of Woodway Baptist, YOU ASK SHERRE what happened the day Mike McNamara died.   Ask her why this 911 tape is so very strange.

Are you just another bunch of ass kissers or are you interested in whether or not Sherre “failed to stop and render aid” by not calling 911 first, after all EMS shocked Mike Mc by the Walmart, he was alive but died shortly after. If she had called 911 would he have lived or don’t you care?

Sherre email about calling 911


OR  did she merely help move a dead body?

Is this 911 call part of her “Testimony” production you speak of? Hmmm.

Does her boyfriend, Truman have to drive her to Church and sit with her purse in his lap like he did in Court????

Here they are in the BAR at NINFA’s……the BAR

sherre and truman lunch

The public is not interested in her angel wings or soul, they are interested in how one woman got off so many charges and WHY on earth she would go along with the medical neglect of a man she claimed to love.

So ladies of Woodway Baptist instead of kissing her ass, ask the tough questions, after all you think you’re the avenging arm of the angry God anyway.

Come on.

I dare you……….ask her.



  1. People are supposed to be INNOCENT until proven guilty.
    Sherre’ Xanax charge was DISMISSED a while ago.
    She did not try to hide a pill. It was a very small (saccharin size) 0.5 mg prescription prescribed by her doctor. Look it up.
    You are absolutely not in touch with reality.

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