BARRY JOHNSON IS HONESTY ENOUGH?  This is the law governing Federal Employee misconduct, i.e. this case where the FBI and their inactivity has made justice impossible here because agencies just point and one another and the crookery goes on.

State law requires that when a citizen wants to file a complaint against the duly elected Sheriff of the county that the citizen write to the “Interal Affairs” division of the Sheriff’s department, at which time, under TEXAS LAW, Internal Affairs must turn over this case immediately to either the Attorney General’s office or the District Attorney.

On June 18, 2019, this citizen did just that.  Followed the “letter of the law” all the way down the line, precisely, just as the Attorney General’s Corruption Division had instructed.  Sending three letters, Return Receipt Requested, AND copying the AG’s office and the DA’s office.

The time limit is thirty days.

Which was July 18, 2019.

Since sending the registered letter, followed up by a call to the AG’s office, they have never heard from Internal Affairs, however, they did receive my letter.

Since the Attorney General’s office did NOT RECEIVE a letter from the Internal Affairs Division, which does not exist in McLennan County by the way we have since learned, this means that the Sheriff’s office should have contacted the McLennan County DA’s office.

The DA’s office received also a cc of ths complaint and two others filed.

Numerous calls to one Jason Chambers at the DA’s office gone unanswered.

Getting the nosey and rude receptionist to even put one through to Chambers is an ordeal not for the faint of heart or temper.  This woman should be fired.

Sheriff McNamara took is own cousin and Deputy OFF a cold murder case when the likely “suspect” was indeed discovered to be one Johnny Ash, or “Joe” Ash, take your pick.

Then Johnny Ash became a “co chairman” of McNamara’s $122K fundraiser after we find out that Gambling is going to be handled by the County and little Abelino is of no use to “them” anymore, so they must turn their attention to McNamara, who, happily takes their money because he has none and is in debt.

So, is there recourse, Harry?

Damned right there is, but first, let’s see what is wrong with our DA’s office.  Why they have ignored a letter from a Citizen about the cold blooded murder of a 100 pound woman for money with DNA waiting.

All Barry Johnson has to do is take this case and give it to the Attorney General’s office.

That’s it.

Nothing else.  Still politically correct and easy enough but has NOT HAPPENED.

Sending or accepting THIS case is State Law, period.

Why has this not happened?

If those reading this think that there is NO RECOURSE, oh, please think again.

Unfortunately, not taking bribes, being honest is great, but since the character and moral fiber of our elected officials and willingness to be bought is so great, being honest may not be enough.

For certain, the public, including this writer, deserves a call back from Jason Chambers.

Going along to get along just makes you one of them.  I have followed the law.  I expect your office to do the same, and if not, explain it to the next Governmental Body, because there will be one.



3 Greencards

On Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 11:10:31 AM CDT, Bernadette Feazell <> wrote:
Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs
McLennan County
901 Washington Avenue
Waco, Texas 76701
Dear Internal Affairs,
Last year in August I went to see David Johnson at the Sheriff’s department.  I notified David Kilcrease also I wanted to come in and asked them to please tape record me.
It is important to note here that David Johnson taped me that day.
By the time I went to the S.O I already knew that Montea Stewart, Richard Mills, Jay Justice, and Julissa West had also been to the Sheriff’s department about the phone calls and threats they were receiving and the bribe that Richard Mills received by phone and subsequent information pertaining to Abel Reyna and clear bribery not to mention campaign finance report violations by Reyna and also the Sheriff.
I complained because Sherre Johnston, the woman who, if nothing else did the 911 call the day the Sheriff’s brother died, and got several DWI’s etc. had threatened me in writing.
A text containing a tombstone with my name on it, probably/possibly from Felipe Reyna was also a threat, and I had a written threat from Johnny Ash saying something about “Hurting” one of my family members.
I them gave David Johnson a cold case from Ft. Worth.
Report No: 80064819
Victim: Gloria “Lillie” Hefele, 40 years old

Location: 3900 Samson Park
I know that David Johnson actually worked the case because I was contacted by a person Johnson had interviewed and became very excited that indeed my friend’s murder would be solved.
Nothing has been done on the threats to me.
It seems to me that David Johnson, who was not only excited about the murder, AND actively worked on it, was taken off the case by our own Sheriff because the main suspect in the case is one “Johnny Ash”.
I believe it is the same “Ash” that is listed on a recent invitation by our Sheriff as a “host.”
I am hereby asking and demanding a full investigation of this matter and will remind you that under Texas Law, you are bound by , to turn this matter over to the District Attorney’s Office and/or the Attorney General’s immediately.
We have timelines, evidence, and people willing and wanting to talk to law enforcement, however, they like me believe that law enforcement needs an investigation.
Yours truly,
CC:  Barry Johnson


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