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I'm Mad Too, Harry.

State law requires that when a citizen wants to file a complaint against the duly elected Sheriff of the county that the citizen write to the “Interal Affairs” division of the Sheriff’s department, at which time, under TEXAS LAW, Internal Affairs must turn over this case immediately to either the Attorney General’s office or the District Attorney.

On June 18, 2019, this citizen did just that.  Followed the “letter of the law” all the way down the line, precisely, just as the Attorney General’s Corruption Division had instructed.  Sending three letters, Return Receipt Requested, AND copying the AG’s office and the DA’s office.

The time limit is thirty days.

Which was July 18, 2019.

Since sending the registered letter, followed up by a call to the AG’s office, they have never heard from Internal Affairs, however, they did receive my letter.

Since the Attorney General’s office did NOT RECEIVE a…

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