Sheriff’s just “sick over it”

Let’s hear it for Channel 10 the SHERIFF SUCK UP STATION.

Too bad he isn’t “sick over” his buddies threatening people.

Too bad he isn’t “sick over” the death of one Lily Hefele shot in half by his co chairman Johnny Ash in 1980.  Old news.

Too bad he isn’t “sick over” people finding out he took his own deputy cousin, David Johnson OFF a perfectly solvable cold murder case.  Just a common Mexican woman, no problem.  Not a Marine or gambler or anyone that counts, right?

Too bad he isn’t “sick over” or even addressing his darling Deputy Rebecca Eubanks deciding a citizen “threatened her” and then got the citizen arrested, by three overweight good old boys, only to have it NO BILLED BY A GRAND JURY.

Too bad Sheriff isn’t “sick over” the lives he ruined or let be ruined by his own idiot deputies.


Too bad he isn’t “sick over” people, including his own cousin being bribed by Abel Reyna.

Too bad he isn’t “sick over” getting rid of over 300 jack off cases with his little buddy Abelino.

Too bad he isn’t “sick over” being stupid enough to sing “Play that funky music WHITE BOY” at the Sheriff’s convention.

Sheriff is getting all the help he can from KWTX who will suck up to him and get him on stage to sing a racist song.

In the latest suck up piece by Channel 10 a Mother solves the murder of her son, another do it yourselfer because with law enforcement these days it’s DIY or forget it.


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