THEY THINK WE ARE ALL FOOLS

 Harry would like to thank the Texas Ranger who obviously sent this anonymously to me. How do I know it was a Texas Ranger? Because I’ve kept my mouth shut about trying to file a Complaint with the Rangers on the Dunn Guns and other interesting things. The “Ranger” who has been writing me back, besides being a total a**hole, also didn’t tell me his name. He also told me that the Rangers were not going to do any investigation without the DA, Barry Johnson, asking for said investigation.  Wow.

Sheriff McNamara with Ranger Burson, buddy and husband of employee, nice.


Yeah, I let the “Ranger” be “short” at best with me, guess it made him feel good, bet they all had a big laugh too. However, they didn’t quite count on the fact that Harry was waiting to be turned down by the “Texas Rangers” so Harry can get that Congressional Review of the Nepotism, Dunn Guns, Sherre Johnston b.s., bribery, Magic Jack Numbers, and a Sheriff who moved his dead brother.

Nope. I have not hit Barry Johnson yet.

As an “Officer of the Court” when he or anyone from his office is actually faced with the evidence that exists, the “Timelines”, the proof, and the actual people who went to the FBI to complain about Abel Reyna years ago, Johnson will have NO CHOICE but, as an officer of the Court, to either investigate it himiself, or call in Attorney General Ken Paxton and his people.

Here is our popular Sheriff, Parnell McNamara with Texas Ranger Jake Burson, Burson’s wife, Brandi, worked for Abel Reyna in the Hot Check department and now works for, guess who, yep, Parnell.

Brandi Burson, wife of Ranger Jake Burson works for Parnell, Jake Burson and Parnell pictured here together. Brandi Burson first worked for Abel Reyna in Hot Checks then went to work for Parnell. No Nepotism or favoritism. Nope.



Obviously, you don’t know about the Texas Ranger connection to Parnell. Ranger Jake Burson’s wife, Brandi Burson worked in the hot check department under Abel Reyna, while Parnell was writing HOT CHECKS all over town. Now she works for Parnell as a grant writer. Every time they call in a Ranger to look at anything it’s always JAKE BURSON. Big buds, go to lunch all the time.

People inside the Sheriff’s office and the Rangers plus citizens write to “Harry” because they area tired of this, morale has to be way down and McNamara, frankly is so sloppy they have to be scared.


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