NOW I AM PI**ED

(second part of anonymous letter received by Harry this morning)


Randall Gates was giving Parnell a fit on his blog, Parnell gave his son in a law a job.                           

 Maybe he will hire you.

Yes, Gates, was all over Parnell for a long time, hmmm, here’s an article from the Trib.

So Harry offers to close down this blog forever if Sheriff Parnell McNamara will prove his guns are his and don’t belong to other people, and, as you can imagine, although proving gun ownership should be easy for the man, after all, I have heard nothing.

That hurts.

Okay, Parnell, since you won’t up that you stole guns that weren’t/aren’t yours and me closing down the blog wasn’t enough….

Will you please hire Frank to be a deputy like your cousins, or some other cushy job?

Awww come on.

Frank, after being turned down by the Santa Barbara County S.O, his waist is less than 40 inches and he’s probably better qualified than most.


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