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For the bitches out there who can’t even seem to make weekends in jail,  let me present to you Sandra Lynch.  Innocent woman who spent 17 days in jail thanks to the ego of one man,  Disabeled Reyna.  This woman knows how to party too,  Harry stuck close to her and her group all night.  See,  sometimes Harry gets all sappy and made Sandra promise to slap him if he got forgiving.    Many of us start out with those attitudes of forgive and forget.  We’re supposed to.  However,  it just doesn’t feel good and sure as hell doesn’t feel right.

Sandra will be the first to tell you,  in a tiny little girl voice, how she kept her part of the women’s jail clean,  hell, spic and span.  She wears incarceration like some bitches wear their boutique clothes.  Proudly and with incredible style.

Sandra assured me that being a bit “high school” in attitude was damned well, okay.  Wishing Abel the very worst was all right,  take no prisoners.

Victory was sweet at the Sandra Lynch table,  watching the numbers climb and climb higher and extracting sweet revenge on the man that put her in jail made March 6th. a night to remember.

Good morning,  Sandra Lynch,  Goddess.

When Barry Johnson thanked Sandra from the podium, not only thanks but a fairly long story about Sandra, who brought Mart;s high numbers to the victory side,  we all were lifted off our feet by the Hallmark moment,  seeing Sandra tear up with happiness was VICTORY for this writer.

Sandra Lynch, inmate,  friend,  woman, wife, mother,   LEGEND.




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