Try underestimating this man,  come on,   try

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One of the best parts of last night’s victory was getting to watch the face of Butch Moss.  Honey Badger don’t play.  Honey Badger don’t give up either.  The face of Butch Moss changed after about fifteen minutes in the Phoenix downtown where Barry Johnson had his party.  Totally concerned and on pins and needles Butch walked in only to have that fabulous face turn to joy about fifteen minutes after he got there.

Biker gangs are to be feared according to Abel Reyna,  well,  that could be true but not for what he said,  this is NOT a criminal enterprise bunch of scoundrels.  No,  it’s not.  All the hogwash about Bikers coming to take you away was butt stupid and Butch Moss is a gentleman,  smart,  and thanks to him,  thousands of people have been educated as to the meaning of “Speedy Trial”,  “the Law of Parties”,   and other legal issues they NEVER,  ever thought in their entire lives they’d have to learn.

Well,  learn this,  if you haven’t already,  Bikers are great,  just the best folks,  hell, if Harry could he’d be a biker too now,  fitting in more with them for sure than the boogey man scared pristeen folks who thought this crap up.

Bikers are a force to be feared,  yes,  they are,  they vote.  They also get out the vote.

They’re smart,  more than savvy,  and besides that,  they have a great leader,  one of the best parts of the night was celebrating victory with the face and happy eyes of Butch Moss.

FTGF Butch Moss.

Butch Moss,  a true leader and last night,  he proved himself a formidable foe against a man he couldn’t even vote against because he doesn’t live in this county.

Butch Moss kicks ass.



  1. Thanks Harry, for your excellent commentary on one of the greatest nights in Waco that I have ever experienced. Yes, we witnessed, in a dramatic fashion, the termination of a public servant who is actually a corrupt, sadistic tyrant. Adios. As a sidenote * my wife is still appreciative of your comment to her that she is cute*.

    1. What a great night, sharing with you and your wife made it that much better. Thanks for the comment, it is appreciated more than you know.

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