“Hey, Abel, I voted…………”

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Abel Reyna put Harry’s son in jail.   Yep,  sure did.  Cops wouldn’t take the case but Abel sure did.  Threatened “five years in prison”,   well,  Harry sure as shit didn’t have a son to see him in prison for five years.  Oh, hell no.  When pushed,  Mr. Five Years to Do Reyna caved and dismissed the charges,  but not before ruining ruining a life.  Google didn’t dismiss his photo,  and when the case was dismissed Channel 10,  the newspaper, and a few other channels sure as hell didn’t report that dismissal.

You pissed me off,  little Abel.

Hope it hurt.  Hope it hurt as much as the hard chairs at the jail where Harry sat to visit his son.  Hope it hurt for all the moms and dads who had to spend their hard earned money to hire an attorney,  who worry,  who love their kids.

Sleepless nights?  Oh,  Harry has had those.

Anger at injustice,  Harry could write a book about that pain.

Well, Abel,  it’s your turn to cry.

You can’t stop a woman in the right who keeps on a comin’  no you can’t.

This woman wasn’t alone.

Shame on you Abel Reyna,  and not from some old fart Judge either with “lock him up” lip service,  no,  from someone who you angered from desperation.

Hope you had your fun,  you little man,  because it’s damned well over.

Up yours.



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