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          You gotta love this lady


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, night and closeup


Wearing a size two if that,  this small package of hell on earth pulled this sh*t off last night.  After taking crap from the elite chicks of Helltown for months,  Mary Pirelo Howard pulled this puppy off last night.  Coordinating all the people who worked for Barry,  yard signs, speeches, getting to the events, and keeping Barry going,  Mary is friendly,  easy going,  and when Barry Johnston made her come up to receive his happy thank you,  she merely said one line,  one very powerful line.

“There is no “I”,  in teamwork”,  she quickly said and turned the mike back to Barry.

Oh, no,  Mary Pirelo Howard,  this morning you aren’t getting off that easy,  we thank you,  we love you, we admire you,  we want more.

We hope all those who gave you lip service realize this morning what a powerful woman you are in your non pretentious way,  your style and grace.

Mary Pirelo Howard,  how ya feeling this mornin’?



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