Please pass the Kleenex, Abel


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The interview with Abel Reyna last night by KWTX anchor,  John Carroll was the highlight of my evening when Abel looked like HE was going to have to console poor John Carroll.

John launched into how they’d been buddies for years and became so overwhelmed at Abel’s loss he fuc*ed up and called Abel Reyna,  “Barry Johnson” by mistake.  One hysterically funny mistake.

Abel didn’t cry but John sure did.  Guess he was surprised.  Maybe he and KWTX should come down from their ivory tower and realize other people aren’t as full of shit as they think.

Between the puffy eyes and overly bitch black hair,  John seemed desperately saddened and totally taken aback by the overwhelming numbers.

Sorry John Boy,  your buddy lost.

Let the pity party continue.

Hope it hurts.

Harry Storm


  1. Did you hear John Carroll say to Abel Reyna, “I’ve known you a long time and you’ve always been a stand up guy?”

    Yeah right. Vintage John Carroll always shooting from the lip.

    1. I loved it. Abel had to console John Carroll, it was so funny. John called him, “Barry Johnson” too, How could they not see this coming? Thanks for reading.

  2. Why is John Carroll wearing Cossacks colors on his tie? Why does John Carroll have special affection for a deposed local despot? Is John Carroll upset because the new incoming DA will not give exclusive “public” interviews to only KWTX? All good questions, but first , let’s hope John Carroll and Un-Abel console each other by running off together.
    ” Hope it Hurts”

  3. KWTX pulled the infamous John Carroll – Abel Reyna lovefest interview where Carroll fawned over his hero. Nowhere to be found!
    UPDATE: That infamous video has now been located at The Abel Reyna Memorial Shrine at John Carroll’s trailer. Supposedly this trailer will tour around McLennan County soliciting funds to build a 500′ statue of Abel Reyna with KWTX’s transmitter high atop Reyna’s crown.

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